These 3 Beautiful Lakes in the Kanagawa Prefecture Should Be on Your Must-Visit List

Plan a trip once travel is allowed again.

Since we are encouraged to stay at home these days, some of us may be feeling a bit of cabin fever. Especially for those who love traveling, the idea of exploring new places seems like a distant dream right now. But just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t travel virtually. Thank goodness for the internet and these beautiful photos of the scenery in
Kanagawa. It’s almost like you’re seeing the 3 lakes in person while being safe in the comfort of your own home.

Feel the grandeur of nature with the view of the grand mountains of Hakone and the blue lake

with Hakone mountains in the back. A calm atmosphere

Hakone pirate ship also stands out in Ashinoko

Ashinoko is one of the popular tourist spots in the Kanagawa Prefecture. The contrast of the large beautiful blue lake and the great mountains of Hakone that spread behind the lake is a sight to behold. You’ll see tour boats such as a pirate ship and fishers, so everything you see is picture perfect.

Ashinoko from the lookout of
Mt.Taikan. You can see a beautiful landscape with Mount Fuji in the back.

There is an observation deck in Mt.Taikan 15 minutes from Ashinoko by car. From here you can see Ashinoko and the great Mount Fuji clearly, and they are like a picture on a postcard. Looking at Ashinoko closely may be good, but it’s also beautiful to look at the whole landscape from a distance.

The calm lake endures various seasonal expressions of the mountains

The glittering surface of
Tanzawako is beautiful

The blue Tanzawako is charming because it’s close to the surrounding mountains

Tanzawako is an artificial lake that was made when
Miho dam was created in 1978. Today, it is loved by hikers, fishers, and campers. Since it’s close to the surrounding mountains, you can see seasonal landscapes such as mountain cherry blossoms in spring, deep green forests from early summer to summer, and changing leaves in autumn. The glittering surface of the lake is popular for its beauty.

The Tanzawako is surrounded by green. Changing leaves are beautiful in autumn

Although there are not many cars running around Tanzawako, there is a road and you may also see many trees there. The green forest tunnel comforts you.

For great entertainment such as a walk on water and a grand dam


Aqua blue
Miyagaseko. There is a bridge, and it makes you feel as if you’re walking on water

Miyagase lakefront picnic sight near
Miyagase Nijino-ohashi bridge. It’s popular among families since there is Jabu-Jabu pond for kids.

The large Miyagaseko spreads across 3 towns,
Aikawa town, Kiyokawa village and Sagamihara City. There are large bridges such as Miyagase Nijino-ohashi bridge and Miyagase Yamabiko-ohashi bridge around the lake, and you will feel as if you’re walking on water if you cross these bridges. There is also a large fountain and Jabu-Jabu pond popular among children at the Miyagase lakefront picnic site.

Miyagase dam. It has a great impact, being 156 m high

The Miyagase dam which is a symbol of Miyagaseko is grand and has a great impact. There are times when they hold a touring flow, and it’s a sight to see.

These 3 lakes would be a joy to visit. For now, let’s marvel at the scenery through photos and make sure to plan a visit when the coronavirus is gone. Where would you go once travel is cleared again?

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Yokohama WalkerTM (30 April 2020)

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