Follow These Decluttering Tips for a Clean and Comfortable Home

Clutter can also affect your mood.

Whether you’re working from home or staying home with your family, you want to make it as comfortable for everyone as possible. But the longer you stay home, why does it make you uneasy? Could it be because of the clutter in your room? When you’re surrounded by a lot of mess, it can affect your emotions.

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to declutter things that you tend to store or keep like cleaning goods, things that you thought might be of use in the future, or hobby goods.

Cleaning Goods

When you have too many items, it might make you less motivated to clean up. Instead of keeping items that are aimed for one thing, purchase multipurpose items that can be used for several things instead of looking for several items that only serve one purpose each.

Maybe you have a lot of these items at home.

If you have a fiber towel that cleans all kinds of dirt like dust, scale, and stain, you won’t have to mop the floor or use a cleanser. We recommend Kirkland Signature Microfiber Towel (¥2,500 for 36 towels) which you can purchase at Costco. You can use it over and over if you wash it.

This is Kirkland Signature Household Wipe (around ¥1,900 for a set of 4) which you can also purchase at Costco. They are so-called wet wipes and you can clean all around the house like the kitchen and bathroom while sanitizing those places. The wipes are thick and strong so it’s very popular. 

Keep just a limited number of goods for guests

It’s important that you keep only a limited number of items for guests!

Items for guests might consume more space than you think. But do you really need that many? You can organize these items by keeping them in a bag so that you don’t keep more than you can fit in it for your friends or partner.

The key to keeping guest goods is to keep just a limited amount!

Say goodbye to hobbies you are no longer interested in

Letting your hobby items that you no longer interested in taking up your space in the room is a total waste. Say goodbye to them.

Idol goods you used to obsess over, camp goods and DJ goods you got because you thought you might be popular with, and so on… Maybe you loved having these items when you first got them but seeing them as clutter probably annoys you now. Either keep them in storage or give them away.


How was the decluttering process for you? If you use this time at home to get rid of things that no longer serve their purpose, you’re one step closer to your dream space that’s not only clean but also comfortable. Will you give it a try?

◆Special thanks to Ito Maki for teaching us decluttering tricks for this article.
Born to a sawdust factory, grew up as a hotel cleaner and is an organizing advisor. She mastered the basics of housework in a restaurant kitchen, interior company, carry-ins and outs at a department store, before working at a publishing company and starting a business after that. Based on her own experience that happiness came in as she let go of things, now she conveys a clean and comfortable life. @maki_organize (Instagram account)

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (11 May 2020)

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