This Djungarian Hamster Has 45,000 Followers on Instagram

It shares the account with a golden hamster, too.

Hamsters are the cutest little critters, eating with their tiny hands and scampering about. Instagram account
Taira (@taira.589) has 45,000 followers. It features 2 hamsters, Djungarian hamster Mochitakun, and Golden hamster Chachamarukun. Check out Mochitakun with a white and plump body like a dumpling!

It is plump like a real dumpling!

Mochitakun is a pearl white kind of Djungarian hamster with a white body and a gray line on the back. The owner shares that this hamster had a unique aura from the moment they first met at the pet shop.

“I was looking for a pearl white Djungarian for a long time, and I went to the pet shop regularly. There was one with a very cute face, and it was Mochitakun. They let me touch it, and it didn’t show any fear to my hand, but it also showed no interest to humans. I thought it was a weird one and I was hooked to it, so I decided to have it.”

Hello from a miniature house

The charming feature of Mochitakun is its big round eyes. In fact, it is a beautiful hamster with well-defined eyes and nose, which will make you fall in love at first sight at the pet shop. The characteristic of Mochitakun is isolating from society! So its favorite place is inside its nest, says the owner. It seems to be a strange one, its characteristic is unique since it barely bites, and it’s not afraid of hands yet it stays alert. It doesn’t have a specific favorite food, but it seems to be happy when it gets tofu.

Mochita is beautiful when looking back

On Instagram there are many shots of Mochitakun’s facial expressions and moves of the moment. Is there anything you need to be careful about when taking photos of the hamsters?

There are technical things, but the most important thing is to be careful not to stress out the hamster.

Peeping out from hands!

When we asked about an unforgettable memory with Mochitakun, the owner said, “There have not been any hamsters which slept on the palm of my hand, but it fell asleep when I was petting it. It was very adorable!” The owner has a trustworthy relationship with Mochitakun. This must be why the owner can take charming photos of Mochitakun’s cuteness. Although its body is small, the comfort it gives is tremendous. Find comfort in the lovely photos of these hamsters!


Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (10 May 2020)

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