Bond With the Kids at Home With These Fun and Exciting Toys From Takara Tomy Arts

Check their website for more toys.

Want to have fun because it’s time to stay home! Takara Tomy provides a lot of toy information that’s unique to the company.

Takara Tomy Arts
set up a website that introduces all the toys they have sold based on the concept of zenryoku ouchi asobi that translates to “playing at home with full energy.” On the website, toys are introduced based on themes like “Let’s play while moving your body!” and “Let’s enjoy ‘food’ together” so that people can have fun spending time at home no matter the circumstances. In this article, we’re sharing a few toys we think you’ll enjoy.

Have fun moving your body energetically. 

Your home will change into a big sea! Experience fishing with
Virtual Masters Spirits 360°.

With this, you can fish about 300 kinds of fish from deep sea fish to rare and huge fish from all over the world!
Virtual Masters Spirits 360° (¥9,800, red, blue, or black) enables you to enjoy real-life fishing which includes the feeling of being pulled by the fish from right to left, and sometimes missing the catch. Roll the reel and get a lot of fish!

Have an exhilarating time with your family playing table tennis at home! 

Honkaku Takkyu Bakuretsu Smash (¥6,980), you can practice smashing the ping pong using your dining table at home. From novices to advanced players, anyone can enjoy this table tennis game at home. This toy can give you ping pongs with backspins and drives and has two kinds of distances you can choose from which are either for home tables or official tables for the sport. This is also perfect to get rid of stress while we tend to get less exercise.

Cute toys you can play with the sound.

Laying them side by side while playing makes it look cuter!

Munyu Munyu DoReMi Fa Cat
(8 types, ¥1,200 each) is an instrument you can play with the sound “meow.” You can have fun even with just one of the instruments, but collecting them brings another kind of enjoyment. It’s up to the owner to play with a single sound by one cat, or a chord with a few. It’s squishiness makes you want to squish it more making your time playing with it relaxing.

The cute lovely eyes are adorable.

Mimicry Pet
(¥3,200), which is popular all over the world. It is a toy with cute motions and mimics any kind of speech. There are also various kinds of mimicry pets like hamsters and lop-eared rabbits. Have these cute little buddies with you when you spend time alone at home.


Enjoy food with this toy at home.

Home playing toy selections like “
Soumen Slider” and others.

Soumen Slider Custom (¥9,980), you can have fun doing realistic nagashi soumen at home. You can customize it depending on the situation from the standard course, single course where you can enjoy by yourself, and angel course where you can enjoy from both sides. This is perfect for parties.

Try making insta-good sweets and decorate them as you like!

Tapitte Goo!
(¥2,980) enables you to make tapioca-like sweets easily at home. Challenge yourself in making not only boba milk tea but also colorful desserts by topping them on parfaits and cream puffs. On their website, there is also information about toys adults can enjoy, like beer items you can use for your online drinking party. Having fun with your children can broaden your hobbies, too.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (9 May 2020)

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