Unleash the Craftsman in You by Trying These Fun DIY Projects at Home

Channel productivity during your free time.

Now is the perfect opportunity for you to start on a new hobby to make your time spent at home more enjoyable. Why don’t you discover the world of cute papercraft and more?

Before you begin, put some snacks within your reach because you will be dealing with delicate work. You’ll be filled with the sense of excitement and satisfaction that can only be felt by those who can finish these projects. Your dedication will pay off whatever material you work with. When the craftsman in you awakens, go and pursue other projects.

Dig out 3 fossils that are more than 400 million years old

Paleozoic Fossil Excavation Cleaning Set
(¥1,500) from Tokyo Science.

The first one is the
Paleozoic Fossil Excavation Cleaning Set (¥1,500). Using the attached chisel, scrape the block of sand. Real fossils of trilobites, brachiopods, and crinoids that flourished in the Paleozoic era will emerge from the diminished sand. To finish, use water and a brush to sweep away the excess dirt. If you think of the times from ages ago, today’s troubles won’t seem too bad anymore.

Colorful papercraft floating by the wall

Hiro Balloon Checkered Flag Series
(¥1,000) from Craft Hiro Balloon/Creema.

Next is the
Hiro Balloon Checkered Flag Series (¥1,000) from papercraft maker Craft Hiro Balloon. This item proves that beautiful things don’t need an actual reason to exist. A bright-colored balloon steals everyone’s hearts upon entering the room. The more careful you handle the delicate papercraft, the more charming it becomes. Once you finish making one, you can’t help but want to make another.

Captures your heart whether you have a shiba inu or not

Trikotri Pom Pom Kit - shiba inu
(¥1,500) from Yokota Co., Ltd.

This is
Trikotri Pom Pom Kit - shiba inu (¥1,500) from Yokota Co., Ltd. Reproduce that fluffy touch and expression of an adorable shiba inu by carefully combining yarns with slightly different colors. The stylish box can also be used as a gift box (Super Pom Pom Maker 55m is required).

The bird that stays still!

Paper Zoo - shoebill
(¥800) from Kei Craft.

Paper Zoo - shoebill
(¥800) from Kei Craft is also noteworthy. The large, stork-like shoebill which prefers to act alone, is the master of solo living. Cut along the lines and assemble so that the natural form of the bird comes into being. The realistic color and the three-dimensional effect makes you look twice every time.


An easy papercraft that gives you confidence even if you’re clumsy

Paper Box Kit Made With A Stapler
(¥2,000) from Max Co., Ltd.

The last item is the
Paper Box Kit Made With A Stapler (¥2,000). It is the product of the phenomenal collaboration of Japan’s world-famous stapler maker Max and paper container brand BOX&NEEDLE. The way the stapler and the box of needles perfectly fit in the paper box feels so satisfying.

◆Yuka Morii
3D modeler and a knick-knack collector. Works to admire and create small things. Recent publications include “Travel, Zakka, Design” (Diamond-Big Co., Ltd.), and “IKEA maniac” (Kawade Shobo Shinsha).

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (8 May 2020)

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