Walk Along a Beautiful Abandoned Railway in Japan Through This Virtual Hiking Course

Hope we can personally go here soon.

Now is the perfect season to go outdoors and hike, but unlike the usual, people can’t go out due to the government’s request to stay at home. Just to give you an idea of the hiking experience in Japan, we recommend another hiking course called
Itta Tsumori Tour which translates to “an intended to go tour.”

Yokomizoo Tunnel is the third tunnel from the JR Ikuse Station. At the end of the tunnel of about 150 meters is the Daini Mukogawa Bridge.

Fukuchiyama Line is part of the former Japan National Railway (JNR) which was abolished in 1986. The abandoned train track that extends along the valley of the Mukogawa river is a popular trekking course in the Kansai region.

About 7km from JR Ikuse Station to Takedao Onsen is where you will find spots that will remind you of the JNR era such as tunnels and bridges. While admiring the beauty of the valley of the Mukogawa river, proceed to the abandoned track trail that will bring a tickle to your adventurous spirit.

Some might think that since it is an abandoned track, it might be dangerous. Construction of about 3.2km on the Nishinomiya side of the 4.7km section of the JNR era was made. In addition to safety measures on the maintenance of bridges and trails, signboards were installed to make it a safe hiking course. However, everyone is still reminded to take extra care after its opening to the public.

First Stop: Haisen Ato (Abandoned Track)

There is an observation area where you can enjoy the beauty of the valley.

It is a 4.7km hiking trail that uses the abandoned track. Tunnels, bridges, and railway sleepers are kept as they were, leaving the wonders of the JNR era.

Second Stop: Kitayama Daini Tunnel

Cold wind flows from the entrance through the exit of the tunnel.

This is the longest tunnel among the six tunnels on this course. The 413m inside of the tunnel is pitch black and brings cold air that heaps up the spirit of adventure. Since it is very dark inside, we must be careful.

Third Stop: Daini Mukogawa Bridge

The beauty of the valley spreads on both sides of the bridge.

A truss-type bridge with a total length of about 70 meters. It is a spot that highlights the abandoned track trail. From the top of the bridge, the beauty of the Mukogawa valley spreads out making it a popular photo stop. 


Fourth Stop: Shinsui Hiroba

One of the few places where you can get near the river.

A rest station next to a sakura park where it is famous for cherry blossoms. This is where you can get closer to the river. People usually have their packed lunches by the riverside of Mukogawa. However, everyone is reminded to be alert when the water level increases.

For now, let us enjoy looking at these sceneries from our home and refrain from any non-essential and non-urgent outings to ensure our safety. Let us all hope we can travel again soon in the nearest future.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (03 May 2020)

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