You Can See the Most Adorable Small-Clawed Otters at This Amusement Park Themed Zoo

You can see them online until the zoo reopens.

Four Asian small-clawed otters were born on April 24 at Nasu Dobutsu Oukoku in Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture. When the birth was tweeted on May 10, it racked up more than 10,000 likes, attracted attention, and received heartwarming comments like “Congratulations!,” “I look forward to seeing them,” and “Grow bigger and stay healthy!”

Baby Asian small-clawed otters born on April 24.

Nasu Dobutsu Oukoku is 10 times as large as Tokyo Dome and you can meet more than 600 animals from all over the world. It’s an amusement park themed zoo where you can meet animals, watch various shows, go on rides, while enjoying the majestic scenery which makes this place one of the popular spots among tourists, attracting many people from all over Japan each year.

You can meet Asian small-clawed otters at Asia no Mori exhibition area.

New idols were born to this zoo. One male and 3 female Asian small-clawed otters were born between Hassaku (9 years old) and Nana (2 years old). They weighed about 200 grams and were 14 cm long on 6 May. They are growing well and spending time with their mother, Nana. We think visitors can see these cute babies by summer vacation, so please look forward to seeing them while imagining them having grown bigger, says Sugano Taisuke, the PR staff. Now there are 7 Asian small-clawed otters and 2 Eurasian otters in the zoo. You can see them at Otter Creek and Asia no Mori exhibition areas bathing in the sun and swimming around.

The zoo is currently temporarily closed until June 4 and are proceeding with various projects such as Ouen (Support) Tickets, which you can use to enter the zoo at a discounted price, and opening online stores for animal-motif original products. They also post photos of how the animals in the zoo are spending time on Twitter and Instagram. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see these animals in real life soon. Watching the photos of the Asian small-clawed otters’ cute baby faces and relaxed animals online will have to do for now.

Look at them being adorable together!

For more information:
Nasu Dobutsu Oukoku website:

※Temporary closing time may change. Check the website and social media accounts for detail.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (16 May 2020)

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