Travel Virtually to Nara to Visit the Deer in 3 Easy Steps

This is a project by the Nara City Tourism Association.

Nara City Tourism Association has launched a campaign called
Yurutabi, Nara that allows you to travel virtually to Nara. The campaign has been gaining attention since its launch.

Many projects about Nara deer are included in the campaign.

This campaign consists of 3 projects: Ouchi de Shika Challenge (at home deer challenge), a project about deer in Nara which you can participate in, Ouchi de Nara Photo (Nara Photo at Home), where Nara City Tourism Association posts past photos of nature and deer in Nara on official social media accounts of the city, and Ouchi de Nara Tube (Nara Tube at Home) which is a project introducing videos of the backstage scenes of the tour run by the association.

At Home Deer Challenge

This project is what you can enjoy with your family and friends by participating in it. Take part in the 3 challenges, Shicaption (Deer Caption) Challenge whose theme is Nara deer, Shikamaro-kun Coloring Challenge, and Shikamaro-kun Drawing Challenge.

Anyone with an Instagram account can participate in Shicaption (Deer Caption) Challenge. Many of you may have taken pictures of deer bowing or with heart shapes on their butts when Tourism Nara City. Add captions to those photos from the past and post!

Add a comment and #ShicaptionChallenge on the photo or in the comment box.

For Shikamaro-kun Coloring Challenge, you can download the drawing PDF for free from Nara City Tourism Association.

Draw an illustration of Shikamaro-kun, scan or take a photo of it and attach it to the e-mail to apply. 10 will be chosen for a gift of products of Shikamaro-kun. Your idea might also become Shikamaro-kun’s new LINE sticker! The paper size and format of the data is up to you, and you can also apply however many you like.

Example from the video of The 2
nd NARA CITY Concierge 

Ouchi de Nara Photo (Nara Photo at Home) sends out the attractiveness of Nara through photos.

Nara City Tourism Association’s official Instagram account posts cute deer, recommended sightseeing spots, and the #Hagemashi no Shika series with deer’s unique behavior that can cheer you up. Make sure to give it a follow.

Ouchi de NaraTube (NaraTube at Home) makes you feel like traveling to Nara.

Among the tours run by Nara City Tourism Association, original videos that filmed the popular plan and videos by people introducing the projects by the city’s temples and shrines and information of the city are shared through social media.


The 2
nd Nara City Concierge introduces Ouchi de Shika Challenge through their videos.

The videos can be watched from Nara City Tourism Association Official Website’s campaign page, their official YouTube channel, and NARA CITY Concierge’s official Instagram account. How about watching the videos to feel like traveling and also plan for your next trip to Nara?

For more information about【Yurutabi, Nara. Campaign】:
From 1 May (end date undecided)
Follow them on Instagram

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (18 May 2020)

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