This Adorable Pomeranian Puppy Looks Like a Japanese Raccoon

Tarokichichan is a hot topic on social media.

Tarokichichan (@kyabetubatake)
is a popular Pomeranian puppy that looks like a Japanese raccoon. It’s a round and fluffy girl with a cute raccoon-like look. Oftentimes, people who walk by and encounter her whisper, “Isn’t that a raccoon?” We focus the spotlight on the daily life of Tarokichichan who is trending on social media with 248,000 likes on Twitter with the scary-cute video of her forcing to throw a ball with an authoritative behavior.

Tarokichichan waiting in the house in the house

Like humans, dogs get frustrated by staying at home due to the coronavirus. However, in a tweet posted last April 4, a picture of Tarokichichan surfaced of her smiling from its own favorite pet house. Its owner captioned it with, “Tarokichi started quarantine in her ‘house inside the house’.” This post received many positive comments such as “Cute!” and “I want to follow this example.”

The cutest observer! It strictly checks the owner whenever going out

Tarokichichan with its “Ah, the water’s good” face

On the 8
th, a photo was posted with the caption “We found a photo of ‘Ah, the water’s good’ face. It’s a dog with a lot of entertaining expressions. We need to follow Tarokichi’s example and be careful not to collect germs and viruses in our throats and noses.” 

On the 18
th, there was a photo posted of Tarokichichan that seemed like she was not letting her owner go out with the caption “The dog was waiting when I opened the door.” Tarokichichan works hard to prevent her owner from getting infected. This cute behavior is definitely a hot topic on social media.

With too much depressing news these days, there are many people seeking comfort in their daily lives. Tarokichichan’s owner says, “The world is in confusion. At a time like this, get comforted by looking at a Pomeranian.” By introducing various photos and videos on SNS, such as a funny scene at home or walking through beautiful nature, the owner wishes to spread positivity and happiness. Why don’t you check out the popular puppy Tarokichichan that comforts people with its “fluffiness” like a Japanese racoon and sometimes becomes a model for everyone? It’ll give you good vibes, we promise.

The cherry blossom crown looks very good on it

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (7 May 2020)

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