Have You Tried Aozora Office Now That You’re Working From Home?

It can help especially those who are getting cabin fever.

Ever since the state of emergency declaration in Japan, the number of companies reverting to remote work is greatly increasing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection. Since employees no longer need to leave for the office anymore, some of the merits of working from home are cutting the time for dressing up and commuting to the office.

For those not used to the routine of commuting to work, the sudden change in the environment might make it difficult to focus. It becomes a source of stress, especially to those transitioning to remote work for the first time.

One of our editors tried the easy “
aozora office (office under the sky),” which aims to improve concentration by changing your mood without sacrificing work efficiency.

Bring your work essentials and prepare for “chairing”

Make sure your laptop is fully charged.

To start your own
aozora office, prepare your work essentials and other items needed for your ideal work environment stripped down to the bare minimum. In addition to laptops, we will introduce outdoor items such as portable chairs and tables. It’s best to carry all your things in one bag and keep it light, so we chose things that are compact.

Working on a park bench is an option, but this time, we brought our own outdoor folding chair to enjoy “chairing.”

Necessary items


・pocket Wi-Fi

・compact table

・compact chair

Those who work on their laptops will need the above items.

We added:

・water bottle

・handy fan

And then we tried to work under the sky!

Look for a place near your home where you can go to on foot or by bicycle

Next, pick a place where you can try
aozora office. If you are going to work outside, you might as well go somewhere open with a good view. How about riverbeds, parks, or lawn plazas? A large park might be a good idea, but we still have to be mindful of the Three Cs so let’s avoid places that could get crowded. If you find a place within walking distance from your home, it makes for good exercise, too!

Once you reach your chosen location, set up quickly!

With a good view, work efficiency will surely improve! Allow your body to bask in nature.

Once you have set up your chair and table, you can start working. The good thing about
aozora office is that you can enjoy the natural healing sound of the birds singing and the wind blowing softly. Take small breaks to work efficiently.


Don’t forget to bring your favorite tea or coffee. A familiar flavor might help you focus despite the change in environment.

Traveling light makes it easy to move

Walk around to find the best spot.

The day we tried this was a sunny day. After working for a while, the temperature rose gradually, so we moved to a nearby riverbed. By bringing tools that are easy to set up, moving to another spot was effortless.

Unlike the park full of greenery, the riverside is cool and the sound of the flowing water is therapeutic. If you are concerned about direct sunlight, try searching for a shaded area, like under a bridge.

Surprisingly useful! Glad we brought our handy fan

Better to have one for the summer heat

The handy fan, which we added to the necessary items simply because “it’s not that big anyway” ended up being such an essential item. With the gentle breeze keeping you cool, you will be able to focus on working stress-free. Try bringing one that stands on its own, so you can just set it up beside you.

Important points for this season! Be careful with the time and temperature.

When working under the sky, be cautious of the time of day to improve your work environment. In early summer, the temperature rises considerably at noon, to the point that working long hours in a place without a roof may cause heat stroke. Always mind the time.

Moreover, parks can be crowded at noon, making it difficult to concentrate due to conversations among passersby. Go during the morning or in the afternoon. The mild sunlight and the cooler temperature is ideal for working outside.

For someone like me who loves the outdoors,
aozora office is the perfect activity. When taking breaks, instead of reaching out for our phone, we were able to enjoy the view of the park, the sounds of the river, and have a relaxing time. It became easier to balance working and taking breaks.

The appeal of aozora office is seeing adorable things like this

Also, with the recent camping boom, plenty of outdoor goods are found in home improvement stores and 100-Yen shops, so you do not have to go to specialty stores and spend a lot of money to gather necessary items.

It will take some time until the new Coronavirus is contained, so try the
aozora office while being mindful of the Three Cs.


Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (1 June 2020)

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