Improve Your Work From Home Setup With These Useful Tools

Boost your productivity and get work done at home.

Many people are now teleworking due to COVID-19. However, there are times when this setup makes it difficult to focus or find the right balance between work and rest.

In this article, we are going to introduce useful items to make your home more work-friendly and other items that can help with concentration. Here are 5 things that we recommend.

First, what is telework?

Turn a corner of your home into an office to work comfortably.

is a flexible work arrangement in which employees can work regardless of time and place. If you suddenly need to do telework, you should at least have an internet connection, a personal computer, and a smartphone. Other items might be necessary depending on your profession, but generally speaking, these are the basics.

However, even if you have all of them, you might have a hard time working at home smoothly compared to when you are in the office. So, here are some products that may help improve work efficiency at home.

Headsets, a telework essential

A USB headset eliminates the stress of bad transmission on web conferences. Although bluetooth earphones are convenient, they run out of battery when meetings are prolonged and they tend to transmit more noise than USB headsets. Also, the built-in microphone on your computer might pick up keyboard noises. These noises can be eliminated to an extent by headset microphones.

SUNEAST headset can be used on desktop computers, laptops, and game consoles. The price is reasonable too.

Headsets are a necessity but most electronics stores do not have them in stock right now. If you really need one right away, try using
EarPods, the iPhone accessory. It has good sound quality and is user-friendly.

When joining a conference on an iPhone or iPad, use a
Lightning Connector.

If you need a 3.5mm audio jack instead of Lightning to connect them to your PC, you can easily get one in convenience stores.

Get a web camera along with your headset and you can have a better-suited environment for web conferences.

Laptop stands loosen up stiff shoulders

When you use a small laptop, you tend to hunch over and end up with a bad posture. This is probably every small laptop owner’s dilemma. A laptop stand can solve this problem. If you have one, you will not have to look down while working so your shoulders and neck will not get tired even after hours of computer work.


3E laptop stand, which can be adjusted in 6 levels, is made of aluminum and is lightweight

Moreover, whenever you use a laptop for web conferences, it heats up easily. When that happens, use a laptop cooling pad.

ELECOM product has a large-diameter fan installed that can cool up to 10 degrees lower.

We also found a unique folding laptop stand. Twist it and it will transform into a stand instantly.

Japan Postec
laptop stand that can be folded like a laptop.

Twist it and you will have a durable stand. It can also be used on standing desks.

There is a wide variety of laptop stands available from those with adjustable heights to those with a cooling function, so choose the one that suits your needs best.

Docking station makes your desk more organized

can connect 6 peripheral devices other than the USB port.

Docking stations allow you to connect multiple devices simultaneously using only one cable. This is useful when you lack USB ports or when your desk becomes cluttered with the tangled cords of your other devices.

When choosing a docking station, check the connection suitable for your laptop first. For Windows, use USB 3.0 and above, for Mac, Thunderbolt 3 is recommended. In addition, consider the functions you are looking for. If you want to expand your monitor, pick one with the digital AV connector. If you are going to use a camera, get the one with an SD card slot. If you want to use it in a stable environment, choose the LAN cable.

Comfortable and easy operation with the tablet stand

Since tablets are often used with laptops, a tablet stand is also necessary. This is comfortable and convenient!

ELECOM desk stand is extremely convenient.

There are many kinds of tablet stands, such as the stand type, the arm type, and the holder type. If you wish to have one for teleworking, the stand type, which can be used anywhere, is recommended.

This product has a flexible arm, so you can adjust it to any angle and position. Furthermore, the holder rotates 360 degrees, so you can use it vertically or horizontally, depending on the scene. By using a stand for your laptop and your tablet, you can have better posture and a relaxed body.

Aroma stones to help you relax

Sitting for long hours when teleworking makes your body stiff. Try to make work a little relaxing with some aromatic scent. The aroma stone, a pottery that permeates aroma oils without using fire or electricity, is recommended because it is easy to use.


Blend Essential Oil Break Time
from Muji has a refreshing scent that heals.

If you are worried about dryness, we also recommend a ceramic humidifier available at
¥100 stores. It does not dramatically humidify the air, but having cute accessories on your desk may help improve your mood.

Eco-friendly ceramic humidifier that only needs to be filled with water. Just wait for it to naturally evaporate.

In these times, you are likely to continue working from home, so why not transform your home into a work-friendly environment using these convenient items? Create your own ideal office and enhance your teleworking experience.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (1 June 2020)

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