You Can Now Climb 600 Steps to Go to the Tokyo Tower’s Main Deck

It recently reopened to the public.

The observation deck of the
Tokyo Tower, which has been temporarily closed, resumed operations on May 28. Upon resuming, it takes measures to prevent infection and the spread of the virus such as using the stairs to the main deck.

Open-air stairs that has about 600 steps to the height of 150 meters

Social distance marks are set in each place starting with the observation deck

Of the 2 observation decks, we used the open-air stairs with 600 steps to go to and from the main deck, which is the large observation deck 150 meters high. It is usually open only on weekends, but for the time being, it will be open every day. Regular observation fees will be charged. It takes approximately 12 to 13 minutes for an adult and 15 minutes for a preschool child to reach the deck using the stairs. You may not take the elevator while you’re climbing, but you may use the elevator when you descend from the main deck.

According to the publicity official of the Tokyo Tower, more than 200 people visited in the morning of the 28th, the day it resumed. Since you can climb the windy and open staircase while seeing the view of Tokyo, there are favorable comments from those who have visited during the opening such as “It’s great because it relieves stress and I have been running but I haven’t climbed this high for a long time” and  “It’s a good exercise.”

special diamond vail lit limited to the first day of reopening last May 28

The Tokyo Tower temporarily closed the observation deck from April 8 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. By taking measures such as shortening open hours, sanitizing and cleaning the facility, and keeping a distance between visitors to prevent infection, it was able to resume after closing for 50 days.

On opening again, the publicity official says, “Closing for 50 days is a big event that has never occurred in the history of Tokyo Tower. After a long closure, we appreciate visitors who come.”

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (28 May 2020)

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