Airbnb Is Bringing Local Chefs Into Your Home Kitchen

Sign up for the online courses through their website.

Airbnb, one of the largest travel community platforms, has started offering online cooking classes taught by first-class chefs.

A precious chance to learn cooking from a first-class chef at home

You may easily take tutorials from a professional chef at home with online cooking videos produced by Airbnb. There are many kinds of lectures ranging from a variety of topics such as how to select ingredients, how to flavor the meal to make it more delicious, and ideas for special recipes. It is recommended not only for people who just started cooking but also for people who want to brush up on their cooking skills, especially for people who are tired of their usual recipes.

The ingredients used are things that can be purchased easily. You will learn how to replicate the professional taste. Since you can communicate with the chef, you can directly ask questions if there’s something you don’t understand.

Also, with the online cooking classes of Airbnb, families that live far away can gather online and cook together. Plan for a weekend or holiday together with the family for more fun.

We’ll introduce 3 online cooking courses that you may enjoy with Airbnb.

Try professional Kyoto cuisine at home (Kyoto)

Naotaka Motoyama
chief chef of Shimogamo Saryo, a traditional restaurant in Kyoto that has been in business for 164 years, lectures professional Kyoto cuisine to make at home. He teaches how to make broth and how to make familiar ingredients taste better, and also introduces 3 dishes using kelp broth (boiled eggplant and okra, fried salmon, soup).

Production and market Let’s make~Country Sandwich~ (Hokkaido)

Daichi Ishikawa of MEMU EARTH HOTEL, a hotel in Tokachi, Hokkaido with the concept of “Stay on earth and learn from culture,” is in charge of the lectures. He offers an open sandwich using bacon, cheese and milk from local Tokachi. A cattle farmer also appears and introduces the charms of local ingredients.

Sustainable chef teaches the deep world of delicious fish (Kanagawa)

Fish are called coarse fish, minor fish and unused fish, and they are not appraised although they are delicious. Owner chef
Akinari Kai of Kai’s Kitchen, a restaurant in Kanagawa Prefecture, works on turning these fish into delicious meals and introducing their potential. For the online course, Chef Kai teaches how to keep fish fresh from a scientific point, and how to make dried food with fish that you can easily purchase.


Get the chance to brush up on your cooking skills and learn about local ingredients while thinking about your next vacation spot. If you’re interested, check out the
website of Airbnb to sign up for the courses.

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (29 May 2020)

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