Here’s a Helpful Guide to Decluttering Your Closet

Say goodbye to rarely used clothes and say hello to a stress-free lifestyle at home.

We all want to spend our time at home comfortably as much as possible. However, why do we feel a bit depressed whenever we are at home? Perhaps it’s because of the random things that clutter our room. In this article, we will check how frequently we use clothes from different categories, and those that have remained unused for a long time will finally meet its doom in the trash, no questions asked. Create space by reducing the materials around you to shortcut your way to a stress-free lifestyle at home.

Any piece of clothing except for the ones you often wear gets disposed

First, you can keep your “regular clothes.” Clothes worn more than once in a week and your favorite date outfits must keep their spot in your closet. Your go-to pieces all year round such as cardigans and blouses are also part of this. However, items that are frayed or have discolored are no good. If it can’t be repaired, it’s time to let them go.

Does your closet look like this? Get rid of everything except your “regular clothes” and aim for a neatly organized closet!

Next is a trusty guide on the clothes that need to be discarded.

① clothes that you rarely wear

“I haven’t worn it for about a year” is your guide and reference. Expensive, branded items or clothes made of delicate material tend to be left in the closet for too long because you keep waiting for that special occasion to wear them to. Also, the ones you like but don’t match any of your other clothes, and those you bought when you were slimmer and wish to be able to wear again someday fit into this category.

If you are in your 30s and above, the clothes that suit you will start to change every year along with your body shape. In other words, you can no longer wear some of your clothes in the future. Before they discolor or become out of fashion, better sell them online and use the money to buy new clothes.

② memorable clothes

An outfit you wore on your first date, a dress you bought while on an overseas vacation, the uniform your organization made…clothes with memories attached to them are difficult to let go. But maybe, it’s not the clothes that are important. Maybe you are simply keeping them because of the memories.


You do not have to throw away the clothes with good memories attached to them. However, you can still be fond of the memories even without the clothes. Save the memories by keeping a photo of them. In fact, many people realize that they did not regret letting go of the clothes after that.

③ event clothes

A glittery dress you bought for a friend’s wedding, a yukata you wore at a fireworks display event, pieces you put together for a Halloween costume…we tend to keep clothes that we can only wear during certain events because they are still in good condition. However, will it look good on you after a few years? It might only make you look like you are trying too hard to look younger.

Halloween costumes, yukatas, and dresses for weddings usually have designs according to that year’s trends so there will always be something that will suit you now. Sell them before they get out of fashion and buy something that suits you with the latest style! For the classic pieces, you can simply store them in a vacuum bag.

④ loungewear

Some people have the tendency to demote the t-shirts they used to wear when going out to loungewear. As an effect, their loungewear selection keeps growing but most of these clothes have become too tight or the fabric has become too rough to the point that they end up only wearing a few.

You don’t have to buy silk pajamas like the ones celebrities wear, but when buying clothes you are going to wear for a long time, the fabric is important. Especially for those who only wear pajamas at home, synthetic fibers may cause skin problems due to their poor moisture absorption. Only keep the items made of 100% cotton and throw the others away.

In the next article, we will feature other items that you might want to let go of to declutter your room!

◆Thanks to Maki Ito for teaching us these tips!
Born to a sawdust factory, grew up as a hotel cleaner, and is now an organizing advisor. Mastered housework in a restaurant kitchen, an interior company, and the carry ins and carry outs of a department store before being employed by a publishing company and starting a business after that. Based on her own experience of happiness after letting go of things, she now continues to teach others the way to a decluttered lifestyle. Her official Instagram is @maki_organize.


Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (11 May 2020)

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