Organize Your Cosmetics and Skin Care Products With These Storage Hacks

Did you know your lipstick is only good for a year?

Whether you live alone or with your family, we all want our homes to be as comfortable as possible. But why do we feel uneasy when we stay at home for a long time? Maybe it’s because of the clutter and the unnecessary items in your room.

In this article, we will teach you some tips on decluttering the 5 self-care products that we tend to hoard.

How to organize your ever-growing cosmetics collection.

In a pouch, on the desk…are they all over the place like this?

Cosmetics tend to accumulate without us noticing. If something did not match your skin or complement your style, you must dispose of them immediately. Usually, makeup and skin care products are only good for about 6 months to a year after opening. Lipsticks are only good for around a year. Old products might cause skin problems and even if you sell them online, it is difficult to find buyers. So if you did not like something you bought, let go of them.

Keep cosmetics in a pouch like this!

Open this round pouch and let the sides lay flat on the surface like a
furoshiki (cloth used to wrap items in Japanese culture). After you finish your makeup routine, simply pull the drawstrings to put them away. With this, you can carry a lot of cosmetics at once and pack them up quickly. This drawstring cosmetic bag costs more or less ¥1,000 per piece.

A convenient storage item that neatly gathers all your products.

Turns into a clutch in just one move!

If you have a mini bag, put an empty box inside to turn it into a makeup case that you can conveniently carry around. Since it has no lid, putting items in and out is easy. Even skin care items in tall bottles will not fall over because of the hard bottom.

Make good use of the mini bags that come as magazine freebies!

Divide your accessories between everyday use and for special events

Doesn’t it feel good to put them in a cute case?

Accessories that you no longer use have no more value unless they are branded. Even if you try to sell them online, nobody will buy them so you have to throw them away with other inflammable trash. Frequently used accessories go on a tray or a flat empty box. Other pieces that you like but don’t use much can fit in a shallow case with lots of compartments usually sold in
¥100 shops.


Sell beauty equipment while they are still new!

Do you feel bad every time you look at beauty equipment you’ve stopped using? They are pretty expensive so it is natural to feel guilty for wasting money on them. However, being stressed about beauty items is so ironic! Dispose of them while they are still new where there is still a big chance for you to sell them at a high price. The motto is, “make up for regret with profit!”

Someone out there might be happy to have these. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Next time, we will talk about other items you can declutter to organize your room!

◆Thanks to Maki Ito for teaching us these tips!
Born to a sawdust factory, grew up as a hotel cleaner, and is now an organizing advisor. Mastered housework in a restaurant kitchen, an interior company, and the carry ins and carry outs of a department store before being employed by a publishing company and then starting a business after that. Based on her own experience of happiness after letting go of things, now she continues to teach others the way to a decluttered lifestyle. Her official Instagram is @maki_organize.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (11 May 2020)

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