You Can Buy These Adorable Items Online to Help Feed the Animals in Japan

Animals need to be taken care of too during these tough times.

Kobe Dobutsu Okoku
, a facility where you can enjoy whatever the weather is in Kobe Port Island, launched its online shopping website. About 350 original products are mainly available. It’s attracting attention all over Japan because the profit will be used to feed and take care of the animals.

About 350 animal motif items are available

Kobe Dobutsu Okoku
is a park where you can get in touch with flowers and animals. The park closed temporarily due to the state of emergency. Because of this, they recently launched an online shop because various fees to maintain the park such as fees for feeding and treating animals are still necessary. 

There are about 2,000 items in the shop inside the park.

The products are inspired by the popular animals in the park such as Red-and-green macaw that perform bird performance shows and otocolobus manul with fluffy fur and cute facial expressions. There are so many products which makes it hard to choose which one to get.

4 bestselling items in ranking

On the official online shopping website, original products sold in the park, snacks, stuffed animals, clothing, small goods, and stationary are available. Here are the 4 most popular items, so check them out if you can’t decide what to buy.

The most popular item is the “
Sustainable Bag S Capybara×Red-and-green macaw” (¥300). This is a reusable bag made 100% from recycled plastic bottles. It can be washed at home and can hold things up to 20kg. This environment-friendly bag is great for shopping too. The dimensions of the bag is 30 cm in height, 24 cm in length, and 19 cm in depth.

One side of the reusable bag “Sustainable Bag S Capybara×Red-and-green macaw”.

The other side of “Sustainable Bag S Capybara×Red-and-green macaw”.

The second popular product is the “
Mug (otcolobus manul)” (¥880). Not only does the design make this product popular, but the convenience that comes with it makes it a shopper favorite. This mug can be used in a microwave and a dishwasher. Top diameter 10 cm, bottom diameter 7 cm, height 8 cm.

An otocolobus manul is illustrated on the side (front and back), the bottom, and inside of the mug.

The third popular product is “
B4 Tote Bag Otocolobus Manual” (¥550). It’s a reusable bag with an illustration of an otocolobus manul doing “kabe don” (to pin someone against the wall). This bag is also eco friendly with the “eco mark” on. Height 37 cm, length 36 cm, width 10 cm.


It’s thin so it won’t take up space in your bag.

Lastly, the fourth most popular product is the “
Red-and-green macaw stuffed animal” (right) and the ”Blue-and-yellow macaw stuffed animal” (Left, ¥2,444 each). This is an original product. If you hold its body and shake it up and down, it will look like it’s flying. Size is 26 cm × 56 cm× 35 cm. 

There are red and yellow variants available

Orders can be made every day and will be shipped in 2 to 4 days. You can also pay by card. VISA and MasterCard are available as a mode of payment. In addition, shipping will be free for purchases that are
¥10,000 or more.

Support animals in Borneo with this WAON Card

Another attracting project is this “
Borneo Conservation WAON Card” (¥300) which is an e-money that supports the diversity and conservation activities in Borneo Island. Part of the money will be used for the activities. 

Charge cash before using the card.

This card can be used in
AEON all over Japan, and you can support the conservation activities of the animals and ecosystem in Borneo Island just by doing your regular shopping. You can also charge this card at the registers at Lawson and Family Mart.

Kobe Dobutsu Okoku

Kobe Dobutsu Okoku reopened last May 29. It has an open schedule for the time being. It is open from 10 am to 4 pm (Last entrance 3:30 pm) and closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (26 May 2020)

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