This Japanese Manufacturing Business Owner Turns Sushi Into Beautiful Edible Art

Know the process behind its beauty.

When you scroll your Instagram explore feed, you’ll discover a lot of beautiful images. Some of these photos that have become more common these days are decorative and fancy food presentations. One of which is undoubtedly getting great attention globally is the
Sashimi Art that depicts people and animals with sashimi arranged in an artistic manner. 

One that especially caught our attention are the creations of
Mikyou. Here, he shares the secret story of his production and shares with us some easy-to-make pieces.

Salmon and bonito sashimi pieces made into a dress pattern!

This came as a surprise to us that Mikyou is not particularly involved in culinary arts. He is, apparently, a business owner of a manufacturing company. He learned doing these all by himself but the idea came when he watched a video online of a chef arranging
fugu (blowfish) sashimi into a plate presented like a crane which is called Tsurumori.

Mikyou’s best work, the
Tako Girl.

It may look like making sushi art takes too much time but it actually only takes about ten to thirty minutes. “When I first started, it was all but difficult,” Mikyou says. But as he went along, his skills improved and he was able to do it quickly. During the first 2 to 3 years, his family’s reaction to his masterpieces was “Pretty!”, but nowadays it has changed to “That looks something good!” Mikyou said after making it, he serves it for his family to enjoy so he is very particular about its freshness and taste. For him, he is creating these dishes to be eaten and not just for art.


A representation of crane with the use of red snapper and golden threadfin bream sashimi.

Mikyou uses the octopus’ arms to create hair, using the best glossy parts, and the different cuts of sashimi in creating his masterpieces. The method of designing varies, and sometimes by just laying the pieces on the plate, it comes out as a piece of art. “I create designs by drawing motifs or designing the end product based on what picture I have in mind. Sometimes, if you don’t think thoroughly about it and just arrange it, it may look like something and make it into a shape.” The important factors in making this are cutting the sashimi slices neatly with a good knife and using chopsticks that have narrow ends when arranging.


A shining dragon made with garfish sashimi.

When we asked him if a beginner can make one, he said it may be a bit difficult for people who have never cut sashimi before. However, as long as they can cut thinly, making a swallowtail butterfly can be easy. If you arrange them just like in the picture below, you might be able to reproduce a beautiful butterfly at home. So why not try it? 

A butterfly made with salmon sashimi that he recommends for beginners.

You might want to check some of his sashimi arts on his
Twitter or Instagram accounts.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokai Walker™ (16 June 2020)

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