Amusement Parks in Japan Have Started to Reopen

Universal Studios Japan, Moomin Valley Park, and Shima Spain Village are just a few of the ones that are already open.

Amusement parks across Japan have slowly started to reopen after temporarily closing due to the new coronavirus or COVID-19.
Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka, Moomin Valley Park in Saitama, and Shima Spain Village in Mie have reopened consecutively. Following these parks, more and more facilities are reopening with certain limitations.

Some rides have admission limits.

Now that we’re in the coronavirus era, the new lifestyle is changing the way we live our daily lives and that includes entertainment industries like amusement parks. For amusement parks, East and West Japan Amusement Association and supporting companies came up with guidelines to prevent the coronavirus spread. These guidelines show what should be done to prevent the spread of the virus in amusement parks and many parks such as Oriental Land, USJ, Sanrio Entertainment, Fujikyu Highland, Yomiuri Land, Huis Ten Bosch, and Toshimaen have agreed with it.

Check the basic preventions like wearing a face mask, washing your hands, and social distancing.

The basic ways of prevention include being aware of the health status of people including the visitor and employees, strengthen the disinfection and sanitation of the facility, and run the park enabling social distancing and ventilation.

Employees and visitors will be asked to wear a face mask or face shield, and to wash and sanitize their hands frequently through ads and posters. There will be waiting lines  so that the visitors can maintain social distance. Employees will also have to stand a meter away when waiting on the visitors. For employees that cannot wear a face mask due to their job like entertainers, they don’t have to as long as they keep social distance and don’t speak in a loud voice.

Thinking of visiting an amusement park soon? Here are the things you should be careful of when you do go. Let’s check according to 5 different scenes.

No screaming on roller coasters or in a haunted house attraction.

①【Entrance】To avoid the Three Cs, make sure to buy the tickets beforehand to cooperate with the admission limit.

To avoid the Three Cs, which are Closed spaces with poor ventilation, Crowded places with many people nearby, and Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations, some facilities have admission limits or may need a reservation, so make sure to check the latest opening hours and information before visiting. Temperature will be taken when entering and those with a temperature higher than 37.5℃ or those with symptoms of cold may not be allowed to enter. It’s better to purchase the tickets beforehand if they are sold, to avoid congestion.


②【Attraction】 No Screaming on the roller coaster! Also be aware of the distance in the haunted house attraction.

Make sure to wear a face mask and not to scream on rides like roller coasters. You might have to leave your next seat open at times. Admission limits will be added to athletic activities and observatories as well. In addition, indoor attractions such as ball pool and haunted house might be closed if it’s hard to disinfect and staff and ghosts will also have to keep social distance as possible. Attractions that use VR and 3D glasses will be temporarily closed unless they can be disinfected after each use. Visitors will need to wash and sanitize their hands for each attraction, so make sure to cooperate.

③【Character Show and Character Greeting】No touching or cheering! Enjoy under the rules.

To avoid the 3 Cs, make sure to stay a meter away from the other groups and don’t touch the characters. You may want to cheer for them during shows and events, but make sure not to because they are basically prohibited.

④【Eating Facilities】Take big space and enjoy your meal at your seat.

The facility will put up vinyl curtains and the staff will wear face masks. Make sure not to sit right in front of the other person and next to each other or diagonally. You can sit in front of each other if you need to help the elderly, disabled, or babies in your group, but in this case, you will not be able to sit with other groups. Especially in indoor restaurants, there may be admission limits so that each group can have enough space. Also, all-you-can-eat and buffets will provide dishes and drinks in small portions or put covers on them. It’s also recommended to pay by e-money so that you can have less contact.

⑤【Shops】Prevent the virus with e-money and frequent hand sanitizing.

Like restaurants, it’s important that both staff and visitors try preventing droplet infection, so using e-money is recommended. Also, there won’t be children’s experience corners and tasting anymore. Don’t forget to disinfect the handle with the sanitizer nearby after getting a capsule toy, too.

To enjoy amusement parks in this Corona era

New services will be done between staff and the visitors both with face masks on and communicating with smiles, eye contact, and gestures. Some are concerned that the service quality may worsen due to the lack of communication with less facial expression. Some may also feel dissatisfied with how they cannot enjoy the park as before because they cannot scream on rides or touch the characters.


Make sure to sanitize your hands frequently

However, from now on, it’s important that we all care for each other and cooperate to prevent the spread of the virus so that all of us can enjoy. Since we are in a situation like this, obey the rules and we’ll be able to have fun at amusement parks while staying safe.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (11 June 2020)

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