This New Remote Cheering System from Yamaha Lets You Cheer For Your Favorite Teams From Home

The more people tapping for cheers, the louder!

Miss cheering for your favorite team during games?
Yamaha conducted a demonstration experiment of a remote cheering system connected to the games held in Hanshin Koshien Stadium and ZOZO Marine Stadium last July 7.

Depending on the number of fans tapping the cheer button on the smartphone-only website, cheering and clapping sounds will be played on the speakers that are set up inside the stadium. By sending actual cheers from the outside, fans will experience a remote watching style that adapts with the “new normal.” 

A new way of watching baseball games that allows you to interactively root for your favorite teams from a separate location.

To send your cheers, all you have to do is use the remote cheering system developed by Yamaha called
Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD. Make some noise alongside the at-home audience through the speakers installed in the stadium.

The cheers from the speakers become louder the more people tap the button.

Fans were able to use the system last July 7 at the
Hanshin Tigers game. By opening the Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD page on the Hanshin Tigers official smartphone application, fans from home were able to send their cheers in the stadium without being physically present.

Tap the button on your smartphone while watching the live broadcast to cheer together with the supporters at the stadium.

Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD.

An additional contents function will also be released where you can select cheering bats as your item. Shake your phone and the sound of cheering bats will play through the speakers. Feel like you’re in the venue while watching at home by banging your cheering bats together through the speakers.

The efficiency of the system has been verified at the
Niconico Net Chokaigi 2020 held last April and the field trial during the practice game held at Shizuoka Stadium ECOPA on May 13. Hanshin Tigers of the Central League and Chiba Lotte Marines of the Pacific League are the first Japanese professional baseball teams to collaborate with the remote cheering system.

On the purpose of this system, a representative of Yamaha comments, “We wanted to help send the support of fans who cannot come to the stadium due to various reasons—like children in the hospital who are injured or sick, parents busy with raising young children, or people with disabilities or old age—and let them be one with the audience in the venue.”


The remote cheering system is gaining attention as a technology that allows cheering while adhering to the new normal to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (7 July 2020)

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