We Found a Resort Near Sapporo City That’s Perfect for Summer and Winter Vacations

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Rusutsu Resort transforms into a refreshing highland in summer and a ski resort with powdery snow during winter

If you’ve ever wondered where you can hie off to enjoy both the summer and winter months, there’s a magical place that marries the beauty of nature and exciting outdoor activities.
Rusutsu Resort is a 90-minute car ride from both Sapporo City and New Chitose Airport. You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter and you can play with nature and visit the amusement park and the golf course adjacent to the hotel in the summer. There’s something for everyone here. You can definitely enjoy here with your family or a special someone. Still not convinced? We’re sharing everything you can enjoy at this resort. Read on below to find out more.

Note: Exhibits, attractions, events, and facilities introduced in this article may be suspended, cancelled, or revised without prior notice. Please confirm before visiting.

What is Rusutsu Resort like? A vast resort at the foot of Mt. Yotei

Rusutsu Resort is a vast resort that consists of 2 hotels, a condominium, log houses and cottages, a camping site, ski resort, amusement park, and golf course. The 2 hotels are
Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention and The Westin Rusutsu Resort while the condominium, The Vale Rusutsu, will open in November 2020. Mt. Yotei stands at close distance and the scenery is exhilarating.

There are over 30 restaurants where you can enjoy Hokkaido gourmet and a variety of dishes within the premises. Other amenities such as hot spring facilities, swimming pools, and a fitness studio are all available so you can keep yourself busy even when you’re staying for a long time. This place is perfect not only for weekend getaways, but also summer vacations and New Year holidays as well!

Summer: Nature activities, amusement park, and golf!

Rusutsu in the summer season is a refreshing highland filled with greenery. Aside from the amusement park and the golf course in the premises, you can also have fun doing nature activities.

More than 60 attractions include roller coasters for adults to a kart and train for children!

The amusement park adjacent to the hotel has more than 60 attractions. From thrilling roller coasters to a train that runs slowly within the park, both adults and children can have fun. During summer, an outdoor jumbo pool is set up, too. You’ll enjoy the summer with sliders and wave pools!


Ticket prices vary depending on the season. During summer season (late July to late August), a one-day pass costs ¥5,600 (tax included) for adults, ¥4,600 for elementary school students, and ¥1,300 for children (4 to 5 years old) and senior citizens (60 years and above).

Enjoy the nature of Rusutsu in the 4 golf courses full of greenery

There are 4 golf courses: Tower Course, Izumikawa Course, River Course, and Wood Course. Designed by professional golfer
Masashi Ozaki (commonly known as Jumbo Ozaki), the Tower Course has a gentle slope and lots of trees, making it enjoyable for all levels. Although, for beginners, the Izumikawa Course is the most recommended since there are almost no height differences among the holes.

The fee for one-day play differs according to the season. Early July to mid-August has the best weather for playing. It costs ¥10,700 on weekdays and ¥12,900 on weekends and holidays (both prices include tax).

Rafting at Shiribetsu River where you can experience both calm and strong waves is exhilarating!

Moreover, nature activities are abundant in the summer. One of these is rafting down almost 7 kilometers along the
Shiribetsu River (¥6,600 with tax for adults, ¥4,400 with tax for children). Enjoy the view of the greens along the bank while being shaken down the river!

There are 17 other activities you can try such as canoe touring (¥6,600 with tax for adults, ¥4,950 with tax for children), horseback riding (standard course ¥4,950 with tax), and hot air balloon flight (¥2,800 with tax for adults, ¥2,200 with tax for children). Packages with lunch or hot spring included are available—make sure to check them out as well.

Also, there are many limited-time events in the summer. The
Summer Vacation Special Fireworks Festival, which is held every day from late July to late August, is a magical combination of 1,200 fireworks, huge searchlights, and music. Since the production changes depending on the day, you can enjoy it even if you watch every day.

Don’t worry about the weather and try the indoor activities!

Engrave leather and make original leather goods!

Sometimes, just when you are looking forward to nature activities, it rains. But don’t worry, at Rusutsu Resort, you can still enjoy indoor activities! There are cooking-based activities using local ingredients such as caramel making (¥2,750 tax included) and cheese making (¥3,300 tax included), or handicraft making such as leather crafting (from ¥3,300 tax included) and glass crafts (from ¥2,750 tax included).

An indoor pool you can use all year round without worrying about the weather


For those who want to keep moving, the indoor heated pool (¥1,300 including tax for adults, ¥650 including tax for 4 to 12 years old) is recommended. A pool with waves and a water coaster is also available, making it fun for both children and adults. “Since the pool is open until 10 p.m., guests can spend time outside in the afternoon and swim in the pool in the evening. Make sure to bring your swimsuit with you!” adds the representative from the marketing department.

Winter: The finest powdery snow awaits

The ski area, which boasts of high quality powdery snow, can be enjoyed by both beginners and experts

When winter comes, Rusutsu Resort becomes filled with fine, powdery snow. Four gondola lifts and 14 ski lifts are built on 3 mountains and 37 courses are prepared for skiers from beginners to advanced level. The ski area is open from the end of November to early April (schedule varies depending on snow fall) every year. During this time, night games are also held every day.

Ticket prices for the gondolas and lifts vary depending on the season. During regular season (mid-December to mid-March), one-day tickets cost ¥6,300 (tax included) for adults, ¥5,200 (tax included) for 60 years old and above, and ¥3,200 (tax included) for 4 to 12 years old. Tickets are cheaper and it is less crowded before and after the regular season.

Dog sleds are surprisingly fast and invigorating! From 3 years old and above.

Aside from this, you can also experience heli-skiing (¥160,000 including tax) from the top of Okushiri mountain located within the vicinity of the resort. Race on the snow while riding a snowmobile (¥7,300 including tax) and let the children try the dog sled (¥3,850 including tax)! So many dynamic activities you can try in Hokkaido!

Souvenir: Check out cute and fashionable original goods!

pasalubong shopping and buy souvenirs in the stores located at the hotels in Rusutsu Resort. Among these stores, we recommend Rusutsu Resort’s original brands, the RUSUTSU KITCHEN and the RUSUTSU WOOL.

RUSUTSU WOOL is made with sheep wool from their own farm

is an original brand that uses Hokkaido ingredients in their products such as fruit jams and finely crushed nuts. It is sold at Colorful, a convenience store at Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention.

On the other hand,
RUSUTSU WOOL is a brand that uses sheep’s wool raised at the farm at Rusutsu Resort. Their products are perfect for souvenirs, like key holders or sheep-themed accessories, accessory cases, and more. Available for sale at Winter Tale located in The Westin Rusutsu Resort.


Access: Going by car or shuttle bus is convenient

Rusutsu Resort is a 90-minute drive from both Sapporo City and New Chitose Airport. The parking is free during the winter season. In the summer, guests coming on weekends and holidays, Golden Week, summer vacation, and during the
Umaimon Festival need to pay for parking (¥500 including tax for regular cars, ¥200 including tax for motorbikes).

If you’re not coming by car, take the shuttle bus instead. During the summer season (late April to early November), there are 4 trips from New Chitose Airport every day. A one-way trip takes around 2 hours, at ¥3,100 (tax included). From Sapporo, there is 1 trip per day that takes 2 hours, for free.

During winter (late November to early April), there are around 4 to 8 trips (depending on the season) from New Chitose Airport and 1 trip from Sapporo every day. Travel time and ticket prices are the same with summer prices.

※Please travel after considering the spread of the new coronavirus. Wear a mask, avoid the Three Cs, practice social distancing, and follow cough etiquette at all times.

※Prices in the article do not include tax unless otherwise specified. Reduced tax rate may be applied depending on the product/service, thus may differ from the published price.

※Prices are subject to change without prior notice. See the official website for details.

※Information as of May 2020.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (2 July 2020)

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