Airbnb Partners With the Shibuya Tourism Association for This Innovative Service

You can experience Shibuya online from anywhere in the world.

Last July 2, 
Airbnb, the largest private lodging rental site in Japan, launched a new program that allows users to experience Shibuya online, in partnership with Shibuya Tourism Association. This is the first time Airbnb has partnered with a local government in Japan. Through this innovative service, Airbnb provides contents unique to Shibuya culture and tourism on their platform which you can experience from anywhere in the world.

The biggest advantage of this online experience program is that you can explore Shibuya virtually without going to the actual place.

With regards to the tie-up,
Jungo Kanayama of Shibuya Tourism Association explains,  “Recently, due to the evolution of technology, various tourism solutions have been developed and I believe that tourists from around the world, the tourism industry, and tourist destination cities are beginning to connect with a new tourism experience. With this new initiative from Airbnb, promoting Shibuya as the setting for an online tourism experience opens up possibilities to discover its new charm, which we hope can be utilized for future tourism and cultural promotions.”

Yasuyuki Tanabe, CEO of Airbnb Japan, anticipates that the online service will lead to a boost in Japan’s tourism, saying “while the number of inbound guests is drastically decreasing as an effect of the new coronavirus, we hope to continue disseminating the charm of Shibuya to the world through this online experience program. In the future, when overseas travel restrictions have relaxed, we hope that those who felt a connection to Shibuya or Japan, as a country, in their online experience come to visit to enjoy the atmosphere firsthand.”

Experience Shibuya virtually from different angles

Among the diverse content are “Rediscover Shibuya with KABA. chan - a virtual walk” hosted by
KABA. chan, a Shibuya tourism ambassador, choreographer, and LGBTQ activist and “Akkun’s Shibuya sake school” hosted by another Shibuya tourism ambassador, Akkun, who is also popular among party people as an energetic figure. Enjoy a unique online experience brought to you by the people who have loved and known Shibuya for many years.

Virtually stroll KABA. chan’s Shibuya top spots such as kimono shops and shrines while talking with them.

Akkun shares Shibuya’s drinking culture such as toasting style, drinking games, and recommended nightcap food.

KABA. chan comments, “I am excited to share the charm of Shibuya, a place I have enjoyed in my youth and still love as an adult, in my own way and connect with people from all over the world. To those who already know Shibuya and to those who want to go to Shibuya, I want to propose new ways of enjoying the city.”


WANDER COMPASS, a tourist information center supported by the locals, provides assistance to a new side of Shibuya such as photogenic tours to historical and local spots, or a Japanese spices-infused cocktail tasting experience hosted by Azumaya, a DJ bar in Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST.

At a time when businesses are trying to go online, you can now experience tourism and culture through the screen, too. There is content for both Shibuya regulars and first timers, so go check them out. We’ll get to travel again soon enough!

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (14 July 2020)

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