You Can Now Meet Your Favorite Sanrio Characters Online

No need to go out and wait in long lines.

Every time we visit amusement parks, we always look forward to greeting their very own characters or mascots. It’s always part of the fun experience to interact with them by exchanging short phrases and snapping pictures together. Since not everyone can visit theme parks these days, online greetings from home are becoming more and more popular. 

If you’re missing your favorite Sanrio characters, don’t miss the chance to greet them online. To breeze you through the whole experience, here’s how our greeting with them went.

Kiki and Lala waving their hands in front of the camera.

What is an online greeting and why is it gaining attention?

Greet your favorite Sanrio characters online at
Sanrio Puro Land in Tokyo and Sanrio Character Park Harmony Land in Hiji-machi, Hayami-gun, Oita. Through this online greeting, you can go on a one-on-one video chat with a Sanrio character for ¥4,000 for 2 minutes.

Since fans were not able to see the Sanrio gang for more than three months because of COVID-19, this online greeting was planned especially for them to get the chance to catch up with their favorite mascots one-on-one.

The online greeting was announced last June 9 during the announcement of the
2020 Sanrio Character Awards. The announcement received an enthusiastic reaction from fans getting a competitive number of applications which ended up in a ratio of more than seven times. The first greeting was held on June 14 to commemorate the announcement of the top place awardees. And since the online greeting was still high in demand, it has become an irregular event for the Sanrio characters and fans to bond virtually.

Meet Kiki and Lala online on their 45th anniversary!

For our online greeting, we video called Kiki and Lala who's celebrating their 45th birthday this year. Let us take you through the whole two minutes and join us in greeting Kiki and Lala a happy birthday.

talkport app is used to virtually meet the Sanrio characters. Upon entering the app, you will be redirected to a timer that will let you know how many more minutes you should wait before the actual greeting.

The talk screen of “talkport”

Two buttons will appear when it’s finally time for the greeting. Press the left video mark to answer the call and make sure to wear your best smile when you greet the characters.

The popular online greeting experience.

On our online greeting, Kiki and Lala were in different costumes than their usual ones which made them look more
kawaii. These costumes were said to be a special part of their 45th anniversary celebration. During the online greeting, one staff is present to facilitate the communication between the guest and the characters.


Kiki and Lala turning around to show us their costumes.

When Lala heard the staff explain the reason behind their new costumes, she gestured towards Kiki to turn around and show their entire anniversary costumes for us to see.

They showed us the back of their costumes too.

Since our greeting was held on July 7 during the
Star Festival in Japan, the staff asked us to share our wishes so that Kiki and Lala can wish them for us.

Kiki and Lala wishing for our wish.

Our wish was to see Kiki and Lala in Puro Land as soon as we can and they made cute poses to acknowledge our wish.

They both put their hands on their cheeks.

For our last 20 seconds with Kiki and Lala, we requested them to pose for a screenshot as a souvenir. Kiki and Lala placed their hands on their cheeks and posed cutely towards the camera.

They say goodbye until the very end.

The new greeting style

As long as you have the app on your smartphone, you can see your favorite Sanrio characters online no matter where you are. Save yourself from long lines and spend two minutes with just you and the character. Enjoy the experience at your own pace without worrying about the people around you.

Amusement parks are changing greatly in the new normal and online greetings may be the new avenue that connects the characters and their fans.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (11 July 2020)

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