How to Make Hydrangeas and Camellias With Paper

Fun activity for parents and kids and kids at heart!

For parents on a budget who are looking for easy summer activities they can do at home, we found just the right to-do for you! We recommend paper crafts with “ohana (flower) paper” for middle elementary students who have become better at using their hands. With a little bit of work, you can turn flower paper into a giant paper flower that you can also use for party decorations or simply to prettify your home.

which are used for decorations on field day and presentations are called “paper flowers” these days. Folding the papers like an accordion, tying them in the middle, and unfolding each paper is the basic way of making a flower, but by adding some work to it, you can get a giant flower. What you do is easy, but the quality of the finished flower depends on your attention to detail and creativity. Check the flowers’ color, petal shapes, and numbers in a picture book or at a botanical garden to get started.

Compare the paper flower with this hydrangea!

The yellow flower on the left is the usual paper flower. The one on the right is the giant paper flower that we will be making this time. It is inspired by a dahlia.

What you’ll need:

For 1 giant paper flower

・10 Ohana gami (flower paper) × 6 bundles

・4 wires


To make a paper hydrangea

1. Prepare the things you need

We used ohana gami set sold at a 100 yen store. Take off the wires first.

You can get a set of flower paper already folded and wires at a 100 yen shop. We tried the set this time. Paper napkins are also okay, but make sure to use ones without designs to make a realistic flower.

2. Cut the paper imagining the petals

It’s okay to cut without worrying about the folded lines.

Cut them so it looks like dahlia petals.

Fold again as it was first folded.

Unfold each bunch and use the folded line to fold 5 times every 3 squares. Next, fold just one side like a boat in the picture, and fold again like an accordion.

3. Connect the 2 bunches.

We used white for one bundle so it’s easier to understand. Make sure to put together red, white, red, white from the bottom.

Take 2 bundles whose one side is already cut and put them together by the sides that aren’t cut for 3 to 4 cm and make 1 long bundle. Dividing a bundle in half and putting them together one by one makes it easier and more beautiful. Continue putting them together and use the 6 bundles to make it in long 3 bundles.


4. Put them together with wires

This is the part where parents might want to check if the bundles are tied tightly so that they don’t fall apart.

Tie the middle of the part where you put the bundles together. Afterwards, tie the 3 bundles together with 1 wire. Make sure to tie them tight so that they don’t fall apart.

5. Unfold the petals.

Fold them in a ray like this, and the next steps will be easier.

Pull out each petal from the wire.

Pulling them out in a pattern makes it easier and more beautiful.

Once you’ve pulled out all the petals, you are finished!

After you’ve put together the 6 bundles, fold them in a ray and unfold paper by paper. Make sure to pull each paper up to the wire. Pull all of them out and you’re done!

Do you think you’re ready for a more advanced project? Read on for another paper flower you can make.

To make a paper camellia

1. Prepare the things you need

Cut them in a curve.

It looks like this when you open the paper.

Make cuts in them.

Prepare 4 red bundles for the petals and 2 yellow bundles for the stamen. For 1 bundle of the red petals, fold them in 4, cut one side in a half circle shape, and fold them back in an accordion. Put together the 2 yellow bundles and make a slightly deep cut about 1 cm on both sides.

2. Put the bundles together.

Put the yellow on top so that it covers the red connected part.

Tie all of them together.

Put the red bundles by 2 and make 2 long bundles. Put them side by side, put the yellow bundle in the middle, and tie them tightly in the middle with a wire.

3. Pull out the petals

Pull out all the petals and it’s done!

Pull out the petals from the yellow stamens. Make sure to pull them out one by one and up to the wire. After you’ve pulled out all the petals and balanced them, you’re finished!

Some helpful tips

When you make the long bundle, make sure to connect the short bundles one by one or else it would be hard to balance the petals. You will end up with an unbalanced flower in the end. It’s best if you can connect them one by one, but since this takes time, putting them together by a few each is also okay.


You can tie the wire tightly by turning the bundle around. One you’ve twisted the wire and made a circle, hold the twisted part tightly with your fingers and turn the bundle around. This helps because twisting the wire can make it loose.

If using a wire is hard, you can put them together with a rubber band, too.

Make sure to pull out the petals one by one and up to the wire.

You can make various flowers by piling the flower papers from light colors to dark colors, or by cutting them in different shapes imagining the flower. Use your creativity and think of how you can get your ideal paper flower!

What are other flowers you think would turn out nicely as paper flowers? Sound off in the comments below!

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (13 July 2020)

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