Thousand of Flowers Change Colors Per Season at This Miyazaki Park

You can try your hand at gardening!

Florante Miyazaki
414-16 Hamayama, Yamasaki-cho, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki
Open from 9 am to 5 pm. Closed on Tuesdays, 31 December, and 1 January.
How to get there: By public bus, take the Miyazaki Kotsu Bus Line 18 (For Miyako City~Aoba-cho~Seagaia) from JR Miyazaki Station for about 25 minutes. Get off at Florante Miyazaki. By car, about 15 minutes from Miyazaki Expressway Miyazaki IC via Hitotsuba Highway South Line
Parking Lots: 200 (free)
Admission Fee: 310 yen per adult, 150 yen per elementary and junior high school student, free for those younger. Annual passport costs 1560 yen per adult and 780 yen per elementary and junior high school student.

Enjoy a park of flowers and green where you can see plants in season

Inside Florante Miyazake, you can find various types of gardens and squares. You can enjoy the view of different seasonal plants all-year long. This park treats its guests all year round with events like “Spring Floral Festival,” “Florante
Yusuzumi Miyazaki Gourmet and Lantern Night,” and “Illumination Flower Garden” in winter. There are also areas where you can see how gardening can be done in western and Japanese style houses. Read on to find out more about this gorgeous park.

How to get there

Florante Miyazaki is beautifully maintained.

If you’re taking a car, you can get here in about 10 minutes from the JR Miyazaki Station or in about 15 minutes if you’re coming from the Miyazaki Expressway Miyazaki IC via Hitotsuba Highway South Line. The admission fees are ¥310 per adult, ¥150 per elementary and junior high school student, and absolutely free for children under. You can also avail of an annual passport that allows you to visit however many times you want for a year for ¥1560 per adult and ¥780 per elementary and junior high school student.

There are also 4 “Thank you Day” a year when certain people are allowed to enter the park for free.  For all junior high school students and younger, they can on May 5 (Children’s Day). For all mothers and grandmothers, they can on Mother’s Day. For all fathers and grandfathers, they can on Father’s Day. And finally, seniors over 65 years old can on Respect for the Aged Day. How cool is that?

Those who are pregnant with a mother and child health handbook or those who have a Miyazaki Child Raising Support Card can also enter for free or get a discount, so make sure to check the website before you visit.

Flowers blooming in the great field


“Sunflower Garden” was held until June 7 this year.

Florante Miyazaki is part of
Seagaia, a resort complex, Shimin no Mori, and Awakigahara Forest Park and is about 5.1 hectares big. The name of the park comes from “Flora,” a goddess of flowers and prosperity in Roman myths and “Atlantes” who is a giant god that supports the sky in Greek myths. The two names were combined with the thought that “the sky, field, and people’s love and support are what makes it possible for us to enjoy the attractive flowers.”

Ranunculus “Rax” is a kind original to Aya Engei in Aya-cho, Miyazaki.

One of the most beautiful things about the park is that each time you visit Florante Miyazaki, you can enjoy the gorgeous colors changing. You can enjoy ranunculus “Rax” which is a kind original to Aya Engei in Aya-cho, Miyazaki in spring, hydrangea and sunflowers in the early summer, and hibiscus in summer. You can see rare flowers and those that have been loved for a long time. If you see flowers you don’t know, you can ask the staff. They’ll be more than happy to help you identify the beautiful blooms.

Don’t miss the gardening matched with each lifestyle

At the “Western style Garden,” a traditional western style garden life for beginners is suggested.

The “Japanese style Garden” has a calm and Japanese atmosphere.

The “Countryside Lifestyle Garden” has seasonal vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

“Outdoor Lifestyle Garden” imagines a little house in the mountains.

You can find the unique “Townscape Garden Sample” which shows samples of 4 different houses and each of their accompanying gardens, “Western style House,” “Countryside Lifestyle House,” “Japanese style House,” and “Outdoor Lifestyle House.” The theme is “enriching and comforting town.”

If you’ve never tended a garden before, try visiting the “Western style House” first. It uses gorgeous roses as the main flower and is easy for first-timers to try. “Countryside Lifestyle House” uses seasonal vegetables, herbs, and fruits in the garden and shows a self-sufficient life while “Japanese style House” has a Japanese atmosphere. “Outdoor Lifestyle House” is designed so that you can enjoy garden parties. These gardens are for those who are in intermediate to advanced level gardening.

This is enjoyable for both newbies and enthusiasts alike, so make sure to stop by.

Chill out on the resort-like grass

The grass square in the middle of the park is about 6000㎡ large.


This grass square is about 6000㎡ large and you can relax on this fluffy grass all-year round. This is because over seed is done which uses the summer grass and winter grass according to each season. You can also enjoy your lunch on the grass like a picnic too!

The rainbow of colors that change per season beg to be photographed

At “Spring Floral Festival” and “Autumn Floral Festival,” you can also experience group planting.

At the “Spring Floral Festival” from March to May, you can enjoy watching about 50 kinds of 100,000 tulips in the former dates of the festival and roses and impatiens “Bounce” in the latter. At the “Autumn Floral Festival” in October, red and blue salvia, cosmos, marigold, and globe amaranth color the park. In both spring and autumn, you can see exhibitions about flowers and green and experience group planting.

“Florante Yusuzumi Miyazaki Gourmet and Lantern Night” held in August.

“Illumination Flower Garden Hikari Hanazono” is held from the beginning of December to mid-January every year. 

Yusuzumi Miyazaki Gourmet and Lantern Night” will be held this August and about 10,000 Chinese lanterns will be lit in the evening. Flowers will be lit up by the lanterns, looking different from those in the daytime. Stage events are held as well, and many people come visit.

Every year, “Illumination Flower Garden Hikari no Hanazono” is held for a month from the beginning of December to mid-January. The gorgeous illumination makes you feel like you have come inside a fairy tale. The magical illumination events are perfect for dates, too.

Don’t miss out on the cafeteria and souvenir shop, too

At the café inside “Yumehanakan,” you can enjoy light meals with the garden views.

There is also a shop where you can get Miyazaki goods.

Yumehenakan is the main building in Florante Miyazaki. You can have light meals like “Cutlet Curry” (¥920) and “Sansai Kitsune Udon or Soba” (¥610) at the café located in the west of the building. You can also get postcards and plant goods at the information center and kitchen goods and flower goods at the souvenir shop. Besides Miyazaki sweets, there are also toys like soap bubbles great for playing on the grass.

At Florante Miyazaki, you can enjoy not only seasonal flowers but also gardening samples according to each lifestyle, and magical night events. It’s also easy to access, only 10 minutes by car from JR Miyazaki Station, so visit casually!


What the staff are saying about Florante Miyazaki

“You can walk around watching the seasonal flowers. On sunny days, it’s great to picnic in the tree shade with your lunch too!” says Sachiko Ushimaki, the PR staff.

Important note on COVID-19 Spread Prevention:

・Please refrain from entering the park if you have a fever or symptoms of cold.

・Staff may be wearing face masks and surgical gloves.

・Please wear a face mask and cover your mouth when you cough.

・Please sanitize your hands often. Sanitizers are placed in the park.

Are you planning to visit soon? Which attraction are you excited to see first?

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (16 July 2020)

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