10 Instagram Accounts to Follow Now If You're Missing Japan

From picturesque images to cute cats, there are so many fun accounts to follow on Instagram devoted to Japan.


With travel restrictions still in place, it’s hard to tell when we can all plan a well-deserved vacation to Japan again. But this too shall pass, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself boarding a plane to visit one of your favorite Asian destinations.

In the meantime, we’ll travel through our phones and give these accounts a follow on Instagram. You should, too!



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A gorgeous collection of crowd-sourced photos live on this account. From traditional architecture you’ll find in different temples to crowd favorite
hanami, there’s really so much to double-tap on @japan. Got your own gorgeous photos to add to the mix? Use the hashtag #lovinjapan to get featured on their feed!



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A post shared by bon・pon (@bonpon511) on

Their childhood nicknames Bon and Pon make up part of their wildly popular Instagram handle. This adorable senior couple’s anniversary is on May 11, 1980 and have been taking photos with an iPhone and a trusty tripod. Their Instagram feed is a collection of their stylish matching fits taken all over Japan. They even have a collaboration with the retail brand Sunny Clouds.



There’s something so Japanese about taking the mundane and turning it into something interesting. Take this wife who started documenting all the instances her husband had left something in an unusual place. From a piece of bread skewered on car keys to a face mask stuck on their bathroom door, you’ll find yourself shaking your head and having a good laugh going through this feed.



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Who doesn’t love a good cosplaying
neko? Maro, Kukuri, Chato, and Lily dress up in cute costumes and “sample” all the best of Japanese culture on their Instagram feed. You’ll find them posing with sushi and ikebana, dressed in kimonos. They also celebrate holidays like Sweet Potato Day and Children’s Day.



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A post shared by National Parks of Japan (@nationalpark_japan) on

If you’ve ever traveled to Japan to explore the outdoors, the official account of the
national parks of Japan will definitely make you want to travel again. But now that we can’t really transport ourselves to the actual parks in Japan, these gorgeous photos on your feed are probably the second best thing.



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A post shared by Tokyo Camera Style (@tokyocamerastyle) on

The Japanese know their cameras and this account documents all the different film cameras he finds in Tokyo. It started out on Tumblr back in 2008 before crossposting on Instagram. There are tons of camera stores in Japan that we’re pretty sure you’d love to visit on your next trip. For now, make this your visual moodboard before you can fly to Japan yourself.




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A post shared by KITKAT Japan (@kitkat_japan_official) on

Has anyone even visited Japan without buying some interesting Kitkat flavors for
pasalubong? Now that you can’t really shop for Kitkat unless you live in Japan, what about listing down all the flavors you’ll shop for the next time you’re in town?



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A post shared by もちもち (@mochi.mochi.taberu) on

Nothing is more Japanese than mochi and cute nails! This account shares all the delicious mochi plus the pretty manicures she matches with them on her feed. From the mochi emoji to ichigo stuffed mochi, you’ll also have the info where to go in case you want to try them, too.



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A post shared by Storefronts of Japan • 日本の店先 (@japanstorefronts) on

Do you miss taking leisurely strolls around the different neighborhoods of Japan? This account shares different storefronts in Japan—from modern shops to more traditional setups. Of course it won’t feel like you’re actually there, but these photos will be a reminder that you will get to visit the streets of Japan again one day.



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A post shared by Tokyo Fashion (@tokyofashion) on

The Japanese are oh-so stylish and you can always spot inspo on the street. Luckily, this account documents the most interesting looks from the streets of Harajuku, Shibuya, and other places in Tokyo. You can dress up in fancy outfits at home for now as you look to their feed for inspiration.

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