These Light Displays Have Been Ranked the Best in Japan

Catch them while you still can.

In recent years, illuminations have slowly become a part of Japan’s culture. In November 2017, the Fifth Illumination Awards announced the nationwide illumination rankings. These are some of the most fascinating ones:

The Kingdom of Lights at Huis Ten Bosch (Nagasaki Prefecture)

The Kingdom of Lights at Huis Ten Bosch in the Nagasaki Prefecture wins the Comprehensive Entertainment Award for the fifth time in a row. It’s been selected as one of the three great illuminations of Japan in 2017. This year, in addition to The Sky Café of Lights, a café made of glass floors and walls, people have been mesmerized by the newly opened 30-meter-high Tree of Light Sky, which shines along with music. There’s also a 3D projection mapping of the story of Snow White in front of Palace Huis Ten Bosch.

Flower Garden of Light at Ashikaga Flower Park (Tochigi Prefecture)

Ashikaga Flower Park’s Flower Garden of Light
wins The Illumination Award for two years in a row. It has also been selected as one of the three illuminations of Japan in 2017. There are more than four million light bulbs that are placed across the 94,000-square-meter lot by hand by the staff. On our list: the newly built Flower Castle on an illuminated field of flowers, and the Miraculously Great Wisteria Tree that expanded from 72 square meters to 1,000 square meters.

Nabana-no-Sato Illumination (Mie Prefecture)

The Nabana-no-Sato illumination in the Mie Prefecture wins the Professional Performance Award. This year’s theme is based on Kumamoto’s mascot. It expresses the beautiful landscape of Kumamoto and Kumamoto Castle, and a figure of the prefecture’s mascot, “Kumamon.” 

Moreover, its water illumination--the biggest in Japan--represents the three main rivers that flow across the Mie Prefecture.

Festa Luce and Shiroi Koibito Park

There is also a special award for illuminations that have just been held this year. Called New Illumination Award, it was given to Festa Luce in the Wakayama Prefecture and Shiroi Koibito Park in Hokkaido. 

Festa Luce, a light display made to look like a European town, is held at Wakayama Marina City as a winter event. Shiroi Koibito Park boasts of a tree that’s as tall as 10 meters, has 11000 LEDs, and 250 Snowmen.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™,Tokyo Walker™, (27 November 2017)

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