In Osaka, You Can Be the Hero of Your Own Samurai Story

You know you want to!

Japan Tate-do Association
550-0014 Imai Bld. 3F 1-1-27 Kitahorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City, Osaka
How to get there: It’s 1 minute by foot from Exit 3 of Yotsubashi Station on the Yotsubashi Line, or 7 minutes by foot from Exit 7 and 8 of Shinsaibashi Station on the Midousuji Line
Contact: +81-6536-8048

In Japanese pop culture, there is such a thing as a Touken Joshi, a girl who likes katanas. While this concept can probably trace its roots from a popular video game, wherein famous Japanese swords take the form of male warriors, you don’t need to be a gamer to appreciate the beauty of tate or sword fighting in Japan. 

In Osaka, a group called Japan Tate-do Association gives an introduction to tate. Here, you’ll be taught how to draw a katana, how to stand and hold it, and the names of each posture. Sound effects like “Clang!” are added when you wield the sword to make it feel more real. 

You’ll be asked to change into kimonos.

The lesson begins when you and your teacher bow to each other.

After practicing with the teacher, you can now try wielding the sword for real. Have fun acting out a role in a costume drama. 

An instructor will teach you how to use a katana.

While dressing up in costume is a thrill in itself, one of the reasons many foreign tourists drop by the Japan Tate-do Association is because this is where they can experience “becoming the hero of a story.” Make your trip to Japan more memorable by trying tate out! 

The Japan Tate-do Association offers tate-do experiences, not only for the Japanese, but also for more than 2,000 people from over 35 countries.

Provided by Japan Walker™ and Kansai Walker™ (8 February 2018)

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