These Spa Resorts in Japan Also Serve Gourmet Food

So you can relax and enjoy a feast!

Nobehanoyu Noten Kaga Sanso and Irori Ryori Okini Restaurant

In April 2017, In Nesta Resort Kobe opened natural hot springs, Nobehanoyu Noten Kaga Sanso. Surrounded by the great nature of Miki City, the spa offers a variety of baths such as a free-flowing outdoor bath, a sauna where you can wear clothes, and a private family bath. The main bath, iwaburo, is decorated with big beautiful rocks, which leads to a cave bath or dokutsuburo.

Yashu Irori-yaki

The spa’s reservation-only restaurant, Irori Ryori Okibi Restaurant, is also a rare experience in itself. Enjoy eating in a rare irori (Japanese hearth). Try the hearth-grilled Yashu Irori-yaki (¥6,000), which uses ingredients like freshly harvested local vegetables and lakewater fish, and is grilled with charcoal fire. It’s best enjoyed with wild boar and deer meat, and is only available as a full course meal as shown in the picture above.

You can savor the dishes while getting warm under the irori.

Tennen Onsen Nobehanoyu Noten Kanga Sanso is located at 894-60 Taruho, Hosokawacho, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Tennen Onsen Nijinoyu Osaka Sayama branch and Shunsai Hanatsubaki 

The Tennen Onsen Nijinoyu Osaka Sayama branch has distinct egg-shaped bathtubs that overlook the waterfalls outside the spa. Aside from eight rooms, there’s a “family bath” and a “switch bath,” which change according to the season. In the popular Koritori-dokoro area, you can also relax your mind and body with the oxygen capsule (¥2,000 for 30 minutes).

With a chef of a Michelin star Kyoto restaurant as an adviser, their restaurant, Shunsai Hanatsubaki, serves a variety of traditional Japanese dishes that make use of seasonal ingredients. Try the Sangenton pork fillet set, which will fill up your stomach, or a healthy choice of cold soba noodles with duck. 

Hanatsubaki Hannari-zen

Filled with traditional Kyoto cuisine, the Hanatsubaki Hannari-zen (¥2,480), also known as graceful tray, is one of their must-try items. With head chef Mr. Nonomura’s cooking techniques, it’s served with fried and boiled dishes and tempura.

Tennen Onsen Nijinoyu Osaka Sayama Branch is located at 2-837 Higashinonishi, Sayama City, Osaka.

Naruohama Onsen Kumano-no-sato and Loffel Restaurant

You can enjoy two types of baths at Naruohama Onsen Kumano-no-sato. Their Bali-style exotic bathtubs and Japanese-style bathtubs will make you feel as if you were in a resort. The natural hot spring that gushes out from 1,000 meters underground is as hot as 44?, and has low alkali levels--perfect for that much needed R&R. There’s also a family bath where you can bathe as a couple or with your friends.

The Bali-style baths, as seen in the photo, and Japanese-style baths are changed every week. You can also enjoy the free-flowing bath, which is considered a luxury in hot springs.

Teriyaki Pizza (¥1,079, at lunch time) is made with beef directly sent from the farm.

After a bath, check out Italian restaurant Loffel, where you can enjoy domestic beef steak, authentic pizza and pasta, and more. For healthier options, check out the salad bar, which offers more than 20 different choices. 

Naruohama Onsen Kumano-no-sato is located at 1-1-3 Naruohama Nishimiya City, Hyogo.

Tennen Onsen Tsurumi-ryokuchi Yumoto Suishun and Restaurant Suishun-tei

Tennen Onsen Tsurumi-ryokuchi Yumoto Suishun
is fascinating with its different baths, from the natural outdoor bath, carbon dioxide spring, and milky bath. Among them is Kakuju-no-yu (longevity bath), which is a natural spring flowing from 1,300 meters beneath the ground. The spring’s nutrients are good for medical treatment. The salt content is dense, making sweat less likely to evaporate, which in turn, keeps your body warm--even after your bath! 

Innards Sundubu Value Set

Restaurant Suishuntei uses seasonal and local ingredients that allow you to taste different types of food. At the demonstration counter, you can try the 100% domestic soba purely made with soba flour, udon, and other types of noodles. For people who love sweets, you can try the parfait or smoothie at Suishun Café.

The Innards Sundubu Value Set for (¥1,380) made with domestic beef innards are the pride and joy of the restaurant. This spicy dish is also popular for boosting metabolism.

Tennen Onsen Tsurumi-ryokuchi Yumoto Suishun is located at 1-37 Ryokuchi Koen, Tsurumi Ward, Osaka.

Tennen Onsen Yunokura and Theater Restaurant

In Tennen Onsen Yunokura, you can soak in free-flowing baths and seasonal bathtubs that are adjusted according to season. Aside from the onsen, there are also other facilities, such as the karaoke and a market. In Eemon Ichiba (Nice Stuff Market), you can find fresh vegetables directly delivered from the producers, products that can only be bought in the area, local sweets, freshly baked bread, and many more. 

Yunokura Takekago Gozen (yuki)

Ordering the Yunokura Takekago Gozen (¥1,380) lets you enjoy sashimi, tempura, and other delicacies in one meal. 

At the Theater Restaurant, you can enjoy meal sets, à-la-carte dishes, and noodles. You can also watch a rare performance of taishu engeki (traditional Japanese play) and dance shows for free. Pay an additional ¥300, and you can watch from the front row low seats.

Tennen Onsen Yunokura is located at 33-11 Shimbashicho, Kadoma City, Osaka.

HAT Nagisanoyu and Nagisa Dining

HAT Nagisa-no-yu
is a spa bath that’s known for their open outdoor baths that face the sea of Kobe. The light, brown-colored bath that comes from 752 meters underground softens the keratin and moisturizes the skin. It’s said to be effective for nerve pains, muscle pains, and joint pains. There's also a variety of bathtubs, such as the outdoor bath and a bath that’s changed daily, exclusive facilities for women, such as three types of saunas and a bedrock bath, and a free foot bath available for outsiders, making them all the more popular. 

Nigiwai gozen

Having “LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) Healthy Restaurant” as their slogan, Nagisa Dining serves dishes using locally harvested fresh vegetables. Another popular menu item is the Nigiwai Gozen (prosperity set) (¥1,200), a seafood set topped with different ingredients.

HAT Nagisanoyu is located at 1-3-3 Wakinohamakaigandori, Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo.

Arima Kaido Onsen Suzuran-no-yu and Restaurant Sansuisomoku

Arima Kaido Onsen Suzuran-no-yu
is a hot spring facility that’s surrounded by nature and overlooks Mt. Myoga. In the open-air baths where they have the Chikurin-no-yu and Momiji-no-yu, there are different baths such as the Oike bath, where you can lie down in the mortar shaped tub and the free-flowing 40°C Deai Buro (Acquaintance bath). 

The transparent bath dug from 1,137 meters below the ground is gentler to the skin, and is said to be effective for fatigue recovery and muscle pains. While it’s accessible from Kobe City, it’s also isolated enough to make you feel as if you were in an exclusive retreat.

At Restaurant Sansuimoku, under the supervision of the well-known Tsurutontan, there’s a wide array of dishes that include udon, simple homemade dishes, and colorful seasonal kaiseki (traditional Japanese meal). They also meet various needs from family gatherings to banquets.

Suzuran-zen for ¥2,041/Restaurant Sansuisomoku

Suzuran-zen (¥2,041) is an extravagant set filled with assorted sashimi, tempura, two types of small dishes, chawanmushi (savory custard dish), and many more. 

Arima Kaido Onsen Suzuran-no-yu is located at 11-1 Myoga, Yamacho Obu, Kita Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo. 

Provided by Japan Walker™, Kansai Walker™, and Walkerplus™ (5 January 2018)

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