This Village in Japan Is Famous for Its Waterfalls

Be one with nature!

Nara is famous for their deer, but venture a little deeper and you’ll find little-known hideaways that come highly recommended by the locals themselves.
Totsukawa Village, famous for their waterfall and hot springs, is one of those places. Read on to find out what famous sightseeing spots and experiences you shouldn’t miss in this lush terrain.

Tanize Suspension Bridge
Tanize/Uenoji, Totsukawa-mura, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture
Contact: +81- 746-63-0200 (Totsukawa Sightseeing Association)

Located across Totsukawa River, this bridge is a famous sightseeing spot and symbol of the village. It’s 297 meters long and 54 meters high from the surface of the river, and is considered one of the biggest suspension bridges in Japan.

NEXT: Go south on Japanese Line 168, turn left at the Sasa-no-Taki signboard, and go east (about 24 kilometers, 40 minutes by car).

Uchihara, Totsukawa-mura, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture
Contact: +81-746-63-0200 (Totsukawa Sightseeing Association)

Sasa-no-Taki has been selected as one of the Top 100 Japan Falls. Falling 32 meters from the top, the waterfall is located at the mountain torrent of a deep forest, and looks like a line of white thread. It’s the best spot to relax in the village. The sound of the waterfall, the quiet nature of Totsukawa Village, and the natural mist are all calming in their own way.

NEXT: Go back to Japanese Line 168 and go south (about 20 kilometers, 35 minutes by car).

Michi-no-Eki Totsukawakyo
225-1, Obara, Totsukawa-mura, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture
Contact: +81-746-63-0003

Michi-no-Eki Totsukawakyo is a station in the center of Totsukawa Village. Here, you can buy the village's special products and eat soba at soba shop Gyosen on the second floor.

There are also facilities like a cafe and a place that allows you free use of ashi-yu or foot bath. You have to check out the souvenirs, too.

NEXT: Go north on Road 168 and turn left soon at a crossing south west (500 meters, 3 minutes by car).

Tosenji Hot Spring Taki-no-yu
373-1, Obara, Totsukawa-mura, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture
Contact: +81-746-62-0400
Open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (from 7:30 a.m. during August to November)
Closed on Thursdays

The Tosenji Hot Spring Taki-no-yu is one of the oldest hot springs in Totsukawa Village, and is located beside a mountain torrent. Feel relaxed and warm in the indoor and outdoor hot springs.

Totsukawa Village has four public baths: Taki-no-yu, Izumi-yu, Hoshi-no-yu, and Iori-no-yu. Each spa sells a strap that allows you to visit three baths of your choice.

Provided by Japan Walker™ and Kansai Walker™ (11 Jan 2018)

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