Here’s Where You Can Find This Trending Peach Blossom Park in Japan

It was even featured on a famous animated Japanese series!

Fuefukigawa Fruit Park
1488 Ezohara, Yamanashi, Yamanashi Prefecture
Contact: +81- 553-23-4101
Open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily

We all know Japan for its spectacular cherry blossoms during spring, but have you ever heard of peach blossoms? Completely different from the famous sakura or cherry blossoms, peach blossoms can be identified by their pink, teardrop-shaped petals--contrary to the former’s cleft-tipped petals, which are usually white.

One place in Japan where you can see lots of these dreamy pink flowers is Fuefukigawa Fruit Park in Yamanashi. Famous for its cherries, peaches, and grapes, the park is also gifted with amazing gardens and landscape views. Want to add some millennial pink color to your Instagram feed? Now is the perfect time to add this park to your itinerary and see its pink fields in real life!

A beautiful contrast of peach blooms and canola flowers at the southern part of Yamanashishi Station

After being featured on an animated TV series in Japan called the Yurucamp or the Laid-Back Camp*, Fuefukigawa Fruit Park has become all the more known to the public so an increase in local and foreign visitors is expected this year. The park has also been trending online through Yamanashi Tourism Association’s tweets.


One of their most popular tweets is this photo of the Kofu Basin filled with peach blossoms taken from the higher grounds of the Fuefukigawa Fruit Park. Also called a peach carpet, this breathtaking view is at its best during peak season which usually starts in April. This is when you can perfectly see the Misaka Mountains, the snow-capped Mt. Fuji, the Mt. Yatsugatake, and the Southern Alps Mountain Range stretching out in the background.


At night, you can witness this amazing view of the Kofu Basin, which is recently acknowledged as one of the three best night views in Japan! For more information on the best times to visit, you can check out their website or refer to their pamphlets available in town.


In an interview with Yamanashi Tourism Association, they reveal that there’s a new attraction inside the park’s glass stadium that future visitors, especially Yurucamp fans, should check out. Called the Fruit Square, this newly built facility houses The Orchard Café that appeared in the animated series.

*Yurucamp or Laid-Back Camp is an animated TV series about female high school students who love to camp and go on outdoor adventures. They use real locations in Japan as their setting. In this series, Fuefukigawa Fruit Park is renamed as Fuefuki Park.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (13 February 2018)


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