10 One-Day Itineraries You Can Add to Your Japan Trip

There's one for every personality!

If you want to explore Japan without joining a tour group, there are many itineraries and walking tours you can follow on your own. If you have a day to spare, here are a few we've put together, depending on your personality.  

Kamikochi Walking Tour
Perfect for: The mountaineer

Ever since Walter Weston, “the father of Japanese modern mountaineering," introduced the charms of the Northern Japanese Alps to the rest of the world through his books, Kamikochi has become famous both in and out of Japan. It doesn’t just have one of the most picturesque mountain landscapes in Japan; it’s also known as “a place where god arrives.” Some of the places of interest worth visiting in Kamikochi are the Weston Monument, Tashiro Lake, and Taisho Lake.

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Kamikochi Information Center is located at 4468 Azumo, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.

Fukui Beach Tour
Perfect for: The beach bum

If you want to experience summer in Japan, head to the Fukui Prefecture, where Suishohama or Crystal Beach--one of Japan’s many beautiful beaches--is located. It boasts of the finest sand and most crystal clear emerald green waters. While you’re in the area, drop by the largest drive-in along Wakasa Road, Wakasa Kaiyu Bazaar Chidorien, which is popular for its seafood buffet restaurant. You can also try driving along the scenic route of Rainbow Line, riding a cable car going to Sancho Park, grabbing a bite at Michinoeki Mikatagoko, or relaxing in an onsen at Mikata Onsen Kirara.

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Crystal Beach is located at 83 Takenami, Mihama, Mikata District, Fukui Prefecture.

Yakult Factory Tour
Perfect for: The Yakult addict

Learn about Yakult’s history and observe the production process of their key ingredients Mirumiru and Sofuru when you book a tour of the Yakult Hyogo Miki Factory. With the factory’s state-of-the-art facilities, kids and adults are sure to have a lot of fun throughout the tour. Their Bacteria-Learning Lab, which has interactive screens and microscopes for viewing the special strain of bacterium, is especially popular among children.

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Yakult Co., Ltd. Head Office (Hyogo Miki Factory) is located at 1838-266 Nakao, Toda-aza, Shijimi-cho, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Nishijin Cafe Tour
Perfect for:
The foodie

Traveling on foot is one of the best ways to explore Kyoto. If you’re taking a walking tour of Nishijin, a district that’s known for its traditional silk fabric, you might as well add some food stops to your itinerary. There are lots of interesting cafes in the area! Among them are buffet restaurant Matsutomi ya Kotobuki, themed cafe Cat Apartment Coffee, dessert place Cafe 1001, and baroque cafe Sarasa Nishijin.

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Sarasa Nishijin is located at 11-1 Shino Higashi Fujinomori-cho, Kita-ku Kyoto City.

Kashihara City Tour
Perfect for:
The history buff

You might not have heard of Kashihara City, but if you have Nara on your itinerary, a stop in this beautiful city is a must. Take pleasure in the locale’s nature and history when you visit their popular sites, such as the flower garden in the Moto-yakushiji Temple Ruins and the Kashihara-jingu Shrine. There’s also Homotsu-kan, a treasure house that holds famous ancient possessions like the sword of Emperor Meiji.

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Kashihara-jingu Shrine is located at 934 Kume-cho, Kashihara-shi.

Tokyo City Tour
Perfect for: The ride-or-die city person

It’s impossible to explore all of Tokyo in a day, but if that’s all you have (or less), take note of these experiences you simply can’t miss. Start the day with a full view of Tokyo City from Tokyo Tower, and then visit Fuji Television’s company building to see the actual sets of some of your favorite TV programs. Just five minutes away is Odaiba Marine Park where you can hop on a water bus and spend a good hour cruising through Sumida River to Asakusa. When you’re there, visit Sensoji Temple and wander around the street shops. End your tour with a romantic evening when you head up to Tokyo Skytree®.

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Tokyo Tower is located at 4-2-8 Shiba Park, Minato-Ward, Tokyo.

Nagoya Cruise Tour
Perfect for:
The laid-back traveler

Exploring Nagoya on foot is fun, but walking around all day can also take a toll on your muscles. Take a break from all the exercise and see a different side of the cityscape by taking the Nagoya Cruise. It’ll give you the most spectacular views of the Nakagawa Canal and Nagoya Port landscape as well as connect you from Nakagawa-unga Horidomejosenjo to Kinjo Futo (which is also convenient if you have plans of going to Legoland).

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Nagoya Cruise is located at Ungacho, Nakagawa Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

Hitachinaka City Tour
Perfect for:
The autumn aficionado

Admire the fall foliage away from the crowds--and without selfie sticks obstructing your view-- when you visit Hitachinaka City, Japan. We recommend starting your trip with a hearty breakfast at Saza Coffee in Katsuta Station before heading to Hitachi Seaside Park, which is famous for its breathtaking Kochia autumn foliage that spreads through the Miharashi no oka or Miharashi Hills. If you still have time, make sure to savor the lovely view of the countryside at Hitachinaka Seaside Railway and buy souvenirs at Inabaya Kashi Store.

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Hitachi Seaside Park is located at 605-4 Onuma-aza, Mawatari, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture.  

Izu Oshima Tour
Perfect for: The nature lover

If you want a break from Tokyo’s urban jungle, Izu Oshima has you covered. The largest of the Izu Islands in the Pacific Ocean, this serene place features a camellia garden, a zoo, a mountain for hiking, and a scenic neighborhood perfect for biking. One of its main attractions is Senzu no Kiritoshi, which has big roots and even bigger trees trailing over the rocks.

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Tokyo Municipal Oshima Park is located at 2 Fukushige, Isumizu, Oshima Town, Tokyo. Contact them at +081-049-922-9111. 

Japan Heritage Wakanoura Tour
Perfect for:
The creative junkie

There’s a place south from the center of Wakayama City where culture and nature exist in harmony and temples intersperse with the sea. In 2017, it was registered as a Japan heritage site, “a treasure house with a superb view of Wakanoura.” From Osaka, you can make a day trip to Wakanoura and feel the sentiments of the poets while walking through the historic sites, such as the Wakaura Tenmangu Shrine. Fun fact: Waka, short for Wakanoura, is also what you call a 31-syllable Japanese poem. 

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Japan Heritage Wakanoura is located around Saikazaki and Shin-Wakaura, Wakayama City, Wakayama.

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