How to Plan a Trip Around Shin-Osaka with a Seishun 18 Ticket

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Seishun 18
is a JR or Japan Railway Company ticket that offers unlimited train rides. With this ticket, you can get off at any station in between your chosen route and enjoy economical travel. Kaoru Ihara, a writer who specializes in rail travel, and is involved in transportation policies and lectures, shares a sample itinerary plan from Shin-Osaka station using this train ticket.

From Shin-Osaka to Takamatsu: A Day Trip with Konpira-San and Udon

is the perfect city for a day trip, and is recommended for first-time Seishun 18 users. There are many famous udon restaurants you can try near Takamatsu Station, via the JR line and the Takamatsu Kotohira railway (additional fee).

This sanuki-udon will make you full!

Kotohira-gu (Kotohira Shrine), also known as Konpira-san, in the town of Kotohira, is famous for the god of the sea. There are 785 stairs to the main shrine, and 583 more to the inner shrine.

Chicken drumstick is a famous dish in the Kagawa Prefecture. Its seasoning is made with original spices, the chicken skin is crispy, and is very juicy. It’s a dish available in towns Takamatsu and Marugame.

Suggested itinerary:

[Shin Osaka/ leave at 7:53]

There is a bigger chance of getting a seat at the time you reach the next station (Osaka) by taking the train from Shin-osaka. This is a technique that can be used because with Seishun 18, you can get on and off at any station freely.

[Aioi/ arrive at 9:30 and leave at 9:32]

Transfer to the train that is on the other side of the platform. The train for Okayama doesn’t have as many cars as the others, so make sure to get on the center/middle car from Shin-osaka.

[Okayama/ arrive at 10:38 and leave at 10:53]

Depart for Takamatsu by the Marine Liner-Rapid train. Thirty minutes from departure, the train will cross the Seto-ohashi Bridge that overlooks a beautiful ocean scenery.

[Takamatsu/ arrive at 11:49]

It takes about an hour to travel from Takamatsu to Kotohira. There is only one train per hour, so be sure to check the train schedule before making the trip.

[Sakaide/ leave at 18:55]

[Okayama/ arrive at 19:33 and leave at 19:55]

[Aioi/ arrive at 21:00 and leave at 21:11]

[Shin Osaka/ arrive at 22:44]

Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima: An Overnight Trip with Great Scenery and Okonomiyaki

If you have more time on your hands, you can also choose to take more than just a day trip. Take the ferry, where you can use the Seishun 18 ticket as well.

A little side trip to this beautiful town might be a nice idea. 

Walk around the Bikan Historical Quarter in Kurashiki City, which is known for its beautiful white walls. The city is also home to Ohara Museum and Senichi Hoshino Memorial Museum, and is accessible in 15 minutes by foot from Kurashiki Station.

By taking the ropeway to Mt. Senkoji, you can enjoy the most amazing views of Setonaikai or Seto Inland Sea, Onomichi Suido, and Innoshima Island. To go back, walk the Bungaku no Komichi street and enjoy going up and down its hills.

Okonomiyaki is a long-time Japan specialty. 

Okonomiyaki is a popular dish in Hiroshima. Each okonomiyaki restaurant has its own uniqueness, so make sure to taste as many okonomiyaki as you can.

Take the JR ferry for Miyajima

[Shin Osaka/ leave at 7:53]

[Aioi/ arrive at 9:30 and leave at 9:32]

[Okayama/ arrive at 10:38 and leave at 10:49]

[Kurashiki/ arrive at 11:05 and leave at 13:07]

[Onomichi/ arrive at 14:16 and leave at 17:45]

[Hiroshima/ arrive at 19:27 and leave at 7:50 the next morning] 

Take the JR ferry to Miyajima. You can see the Itsukushima Shrine from the ship. For lunch, definitely try the anagomeshi (conger rice) lunch box, which is sold in front of Miyajimaguchi Station.

[Miyajimaguchi/ arrive at 8:20 and leave at 11:29]

[Hiroshima/ arrive at 11:51 and leave at 12:00] 

From the Kure Line, you can enjoy seeing Setonaikai. You can also visit Yamato Museum by getting off at Kure.

[Kure/ arrive at 12:31 and leave at 15:03]

[Hiroshima/ arrive at 15:14 and leave at 15:22]

[Mihara/ arrive at 16:50 and leave at 17:11]

[Okayama/ arrive at 19:06 and leave at 19:55]

[Aioi/ arrive at 21:00 and leave at 21:12]

[Shin Osaka/ arrive at 22:44]

Provided by Kansai Walker™, Japan Walker™, and Walkerplus™ (26 February 2018)

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