Catch This Hello Kitty Kabuki Show the Next Time You're in Japan

See how well your favorite Sanrio characters act on stage!

KAWAII KABUKI ~Momotaro at Hello Kitty Kabuki Theater~
has been running shows at the Marhen Theater in Sanrio Puro Land since March 10, 2018. It’s a collaboration between kabuki, a traditional Japanese performance, and popular Sanrio characters, such as Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, and Pompompurin.  

KAWAII KABUKI ~Momotaro at Hello Kitty Kabuki Theater~

Shochiku, a representative of a Japanese movie studio and production company for kabuki, conducted the acting workshop for Hello Kitty and the other characters. Not only that, the story also changes so that both children and adults can enjoy it. It also has projection mapping, which enables foreigners to have fun without worrying about not understanding Japanese.

Hello Kitty doing the ko-jo, which is a greeting that is done in kabuki.

The Sanrio version of Momotaro has a peaceful story.

Hello Kitty as Momotaro.

In fact, Aya Komaki, company director of Sanrio Entertainment and director of Sanrio Puro Land, says, “By performing KAWAII KABUKI, we are expecting many tourists in 2020 and ahead. We hope the customers from overseas [leave with] an impressive memory, and we also hope that Japanese people will become more in love with Japan.”

This performance is expected to attract more foreign visitors as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are coming up.

In kabuki, some audience members shout out the names of the actors after they do their poses. If fans of KAWAII KABUKI increase, shouting out the names “Hello Kitty!” and “Badtz-Maru!” may become a standard culture, and make the show more exciting.

The characters put on gorgeous costumes.

Hello Kitty wearing kabuki makeup is also very popular, so there might be a wider variety of character goods, in addition to pamphlets and clear folders, which will be on sale in the future. You might get caught up in the kabuki X Hello Kitty trend.

Posters of the characters acting are put up outside the theater.

The story of KAWAII KABUKI ~Momotaro at Hello Kitty Kabuki Theater~

The main visual design for KAWAII KABUKI

When the theater opened, guests were treated to a performance of Momotaro.The demon is portrayed by Bad Badtz-Maru, and the heroic warriors who confront the demon are played by Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, and Dear Daniel. The three warriors struggle in the battle against the demon, but by the emergence of Hello Kitty as Momotaro, the story ends peacefully. Or so it seems. Find out what’s going to happen next when you visit the theater!

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