Here’s Where You Can Find Those Floating Torii Gates in Japan

You'll also find some of the ancient gods' tombs here!

Tsushima Island
is the largest island in the Nagasaki Prefecture. While a large percentage of this island is covered with forests, it is also home to a number of beautiful shrines, ruins, tourist spots with spectacular views, as well as restaurants that serve interesting dishes.

After interviewing a local, we listed down six of the best places that you should absolutely go see in 
Tsushima Island.

Watazumi Shrine
55, Kazunomiya, Nii, Toyotama Town, Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Contact: +81-920-52-1566 (Tsushima Tourist Association)

Watazumi Shrine is a sea shrine dedicated to the gods Hikohohodemi-no-mikoto and Toyotamahime-no-mikoto. There are five torii gates and two of these gates are in the middle of the sea, both appearing to float in the water when it is high tide. On the other hand, if it’s low tide, you can easily walk towards the two torii gates.

At the back of the shrine, a mystical forest lies. The giant trees within almost look as if they’re rising to the sky.

The grave of Toyotamahime-no-mikoto is located by a moss-covered torii.

Anago Tei
2090, Nii, Toyotama Town, Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Contact: +81-920-58-2000
Open from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. (last order is at 8 p.m.). The shop is closed on Tuesdays and the third Wednesday of every month.

Ogon Anago
, which literally means “gold conger” in Japanese, is a kind of conger that can be caught near Tsushima Island. It is known to have a thick and fatty meat. Tourists flock from all over the world just to try it.

Anago Tei, you can enjoy the Anago dishes prepared in different kinds of ways. The restaurant serves slices of raw Anago (¥1,500, good for one person), steamed Anago, and deep-fried Anago.

Slices of raw Anago (¥1,500)

Tokujo Seiro Mushi is the restaurant’s top-grade steamed conger (¥3,000).

1072, Otebashi, Izuhara Town, Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Contact: +81-920-52-2701
Open from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. The shop is closed on Sundays.

It has been 40 years since 
Otako, a restaurant located in a back alley, was established. The mouthwatering aroma coming from the restaurant’s dishes drift off from the establishment and invite many of the passersby to come in and try out their food.

At the store, 
Esaki Masuko, more popularly known as “Tsushima no Haha” (the mother of Tsushima) - greets all the visitors with a friendly smile.


The restaurant’s must-try specialties include the Hitokuchi Katsu (bite-sized cutlet) and the Shanghai Yakisoba (fried noodle).

 Otako Hitokuchi Katsu (¥750)

Tsushima CAPPA
124-1, Kechiotsu, Mitsushima Town, Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Contact: +81-920-54-2425

Aso Bay, located at the center of 
Tsushima Island, is a famous place among kayak enthusiasts around the world. From its clear blue waters, the ria coastline is immediately visible and stretches to as far as the eyes can see.

The waves are much calmer at this bay compared to the open sea, which is why many people, especially those who have no prior experience kayaking, enjoy doing the activity there.

The kayak provided has a wide and highly stable base, making it easier for the people to travel in the water.

Take note that the kayak activities are based on a time schedule. The Otegaru Taiken Course (¥3,000 for adults, ¥2,500 for 
preschool children, (0 to 6 years old)), which is an hour-long activity, starts at 1:30 p.m. On the other hand, the Rias Mankitsu Course (¥6,500, ¥4,500 for preschool children), a three-hour long activity, starts at 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Those who are interested to try these activities should be within the area 30 minutes before the designated starting time. Reservations must also be made a week before the date of your choice.

The visitors should contact the place in advance if they plan to go kayaking at a different time from the one mentioned above.

Akashima Ohashi
Kamoise, Mitsushima Town, Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Contact: +81-920-52-1566 (Tsushima Tourist Association)

Akashima Ohashi is a bridge connecting Okishima and Akashima, which overlooks what is considered to be the most beautiful sea around Tsushima Island. The sea’s emerald green color, which comes from the sunlight hitting the sand at the bottom of the sea, is a sight to behold.   

The red bridge is surrounded by rich nature.

Mountain Mountain
Kyu Uchiyama Bunko, 242-2, Uchiyama, Izuhara Town, Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Contact: +81-802-752-5705
Open from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Closing schedules are irregular.

Mountain Mountain
is a bakery that makes bread using the wheat available in Tsushima Island from the ancient times. It sells about 15 kinds of bread such as campagne (¥280) and melon pan (¥160) among others.

Before making their bread, they dry the homemade wheat under the sun and grind it with a hand mill. As a result, the bread that they sell in the bakery comes out soft and fluffy.


Provided by Japan Walker™ and Kyushu Walker™ (5 July 2018)

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