Magical Spots in Kyushu During Autumn

The leaves' colors are redder at higher altitudes!

There are many autumn leaves spots worth visiting in the Kyushu area including shrines, temples, and parks. These different sites are usually crowded with visitors during the season.

Below, we feature the top autumn spots in Kyushu which you need to visit at least once during your trip!

Mifuneyama Rakuen Garden

Mifuneyama Rakuen Garden

The whole concept of the Mifuneyama Rakuen Garden was born from a conceptual drawing by a Kyoto-based Kano school painter. After being invited by Nabeshima Shigeyoshi, the 28th lord of Nabeshima Clan in Takeo city, Shigeyoshi spent three years creating the magnificent park featuring “a path around a pond” styled garden.

The entire park is 500,000 square meters. Its gourd-shaped pond mirrors Mt. Mifune, as well as the 500 trees, which are colored in a deep shade of red, on the Furimuki Slope.


Photo courtesy of Kanzaki City

Kunenan is a villa and garden built by a very wealthy and powerful businessman named Itami Yataro from the Saga prefecture during the Meiji period. This place is also considered a national scenic beauty spot.

The garden-villa offers a great view of the contrasting green moss spreading all over the area and the fiery red leaves of the trees.

Each year, it is open to the public from November 15 to November 23.

Shin-Yaba Gorge (Yaba Gorge)

Shin-Yabakei Gorge is part of Yabakei Gorge which ranks first on the list of Kyushu’s autumn leaves spots.
Photo courtesy of  Nakatsu City Yabakei Branch

Yaba Gorge, which stands first on the list of Kyushu’s autumn leaves spots, is divided into Hon-Yaba Gorge, Ura-Yaba Gorge, Shin-Yaba Gorge, and Oku-Yaba Gorge.

The Shin-Yaba Gorge is located along the Yamautsuri River, a tributary of Yamakuni River. At this narrow gorge, a series of sheer cliffs and stone pillars are connected like folding screens. You can admire the beauty of the autumn leaves from Hitome Hakkei, which literally means “see eight scenes at a glance”.

We recommend that you view the autumn leaves while going for a walk. You’ll definitely be satisfied with the landscapes of the promenade and the river.

Daikozen Temple

Daikozen Temple
Photo courtesy of Kiyama Town Tourism Association

Daikozen Temple is an old historic temple of the Tendai Sect in Kiyama town. At Mt. Chigiri and the Chigiri Garden, you’ll find 500 maple trees with leaves turning into beautiful late autumn colors.

Concerts are likewise organized during this time of the year so tourists can make the most out of the autumn experience combined and the aesthetic landscapes.

Kirishima (Kirishima Shrine)   

Fantastic autumn leaves in Kirishima Shrine.
Photo courtesy of Kirishima City Tourism Association

Kirishima Shrine is famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. Legend has it that the grandson of the sun goddess descended from heaven there.

Red autumn leaves decorate the pathway leading to the shrine, as well as, the sides of the prefectural highway before the giant torii gate.

The leaves’ colors turn red, most especially in areas of high altitudes, such as the Prefectural Route 104 and 408, Shinyu, Takachiho Riverbed, and the Kirishima Shrine.

Prefectural Route 1 (Maruo – Lake Onami Trailhead)

Prefectural Route 1 (Maruo – Lake Onami Trailhead)

There are many beautiful autumn leaves viewing areas along the Prefectural Route 1,  from Maruo of Kirishima Onsen Village to Ebino Plateau. You can go for a slow drive to check out these autumn leaves spots.

In addition to this, you can join the Autumn Leaves Festival, which is an event organized by the Kirishima Shinwanosato Park in late October every year.


Provided by Walkerplus™, Japan Walker™, and Tokyo Walker™ (16 September 2018)

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