Japan’s Largest Aviation and Space Museum Is Out of This World

The full-scale models are quite a sight!

Gifu Kakamigahara Koku Uchu Hakubutsukan (Aerospace Science Museum)
Shimogirimachi 5-1, Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture
Contact: +81-58-386-8500
Open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily except Tuesdays. On weekends and holidays, they are open until 6 p.m.

Kakamigahara Aerospace Science Museum in Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture celebrated its 20th anniversary with a makeover!

Sorahaku, as it has been newly nicknamed, has always been a beloved attraction for aeronautics enthusiasts, space fans, and families. With its renovation, it has become Japan’s largest aviation and space museum.

The building was expanded to 9,400 square meters, which is 1.7 times larger than before. Its first floor features an aeronautics area that displays and introduces 20 planes. The challenges faced by each aircraft and how aircraft technology advanced are all well-explained, so everything is easy to understand.

Kakamigahara Aerospace Science Museum shines after its renovation and expansion.   

Many valuable aircrafts unique to the Kakamigahara area (a leading player in the industry) are also on display, including the actual Hien aircraft. A full-scale model of the historic Hayabusa 2 also generates a lot of excitement with aviation fans.

The fighter plane “Hien” took flight the first time in 1941 at Kakamigahara. Sokaharu is the only place in the world where the original aircraft is displayed!

Replicas of the Salmson 2A-2 (which was produced in Kakamigahara) and the Wright Flyer of the Wright Brothers are also in the museum.

While the real Hayabusa 2 is currently exploring the asteroid Ryugu, museum visitors still get a chance to learn more about it, thanks to this replica.

Aside from the exhibits on airplane models, the museum also features interactive experiences. With the technology of simulators, aspiring pilots can try their hand at handling aircrafts and helicopters. Is anyone up to try acrobatic flying?

With a control stick, everyone can challenge themselves in acrobatic flying. Practice drawing airplane clouds above the skies of Kakamigahara!

In the Space Simulation Building, a full-scale model of Kibou is newly displayed. It’s a perfect replica that will lets visitors experience what it feels like to be an astronaut.

Collect samples from asteroids and return home to earth! The museum even lets visitors try out exploratory space operations.

Provided by Tokai Walker™, Japan Walker™, and Walkerplus™ (4 April 2018)

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