You Have to Visit This Indoor Airplane Exhibition in Japan

It's located inside an actual airport!

1-1, Centrair, Tokoname City, Aichi

On October 12, 2018, an indoor airplane exhibition and commercial facility, known as the
FLIGHT OF DREAMS, will be opening at the Chubu Centrair International Airport. The exhibition area, which was creatively designed by teamLab, is divided into several sections.

Nine attractions surround the first Boeing-787 aircraft that is on display at the
FLIGHT PARK. In addition to this, visitors can enjoy a lights and sounds show featuring the large aircraft.

The never-before-seen whimsical show looks amazing!

One section in the facility replicates the world’s largest aircraft factory. There, visitors can learn how the aircraft parts are transported into the factory and how they are eventually put together to build a jet.

The place makes you feel like you’re actually at Boeing’s Everett Factory.

Visitors can also go to
The Playing! Paper Airplane which lets them experience flying paper planes through several gates which change lights and sounds.

Both adults and children will enjoy this activity.

On the other hand, the
Drawing Paper Airplane section of the exhibition allows visitors to draw and design their own airplanes.

What’s even cooler is that they can actually experience flying these same hand-drawn airplanes through a tablet!

The facility also holds tours and activities around the Boeing-787 aircraft and its cockpit.

The cockpit looks very much like the real one!

Learn about the aircraft’s areas by using an interactive smartphone app.

On top of that, there is an educational program offered at the workshop in
The Museum of Flight. Through experiments and handicraft activities, visitors will better understand the important aspects of the aviation industry. They can also go through the experience of being an employee at the aviation company and participate in full-flight simulations of the Boeing-787.

Experience the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Educational Program at The Museum of Flight in Seattle!

For the people who’ve always wanted to visit Seattle, the
SEATTLE TERRACE in the facility provides them with the feel of being in the Northwestern area of the U.S. To add to the experience, several popular restaurants from Seattle will soon be opening there as well!

A food court is located underneath the wings of an airplane.

One of the restaurants from Seattle which you’ll find at the center is the
Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. The establishment prides itself on not using any additives when whipping up their snacks and dishes.


Try out the restaurant’s famous hot grill sandwich.

On the third floor, you’ll find imported Western-American food and daily goods by the passageway.

Provided by Tokai Walker™, Japan Walker™, and Walkerplus™ (22 August 2018)

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