This Illumination Show in Japan Offers a Glimpse of Tokyo At Different Time Periods

It's considered the biggest illumination event in Kanto!

Oi Racecourse (Tokyo City Keiba), 2-1-2 Katsushima, Shinagawa District, Tokyo
Contact: +813-3762-5230
Open from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends and Japanese holidays.
How to get there: 2-minute walk from Tokyo Monorail Oi Keibajo-Mae Station

Oi Racecourse
(or Tokyo City Keiba) is a race track known for organizing major local horse races in Japan. Aside from this, it also holds various events for non-horse race fans which let them enjoy the venue as an entertainment spot.

Last October 7, the biggest illumination show in the Kanto region, called the
TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION, was launched. Overall, a total of about 8 million LED lights are on display at the race track.

 The Oi Racecourse is decorated with 8 million LED lights.

The preparations for the
TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION took almost two and a half years to complete. The show was produced by Mr. Marumaru Motoo, the Night View Tourism Convention Bureau Chairman and Japan’s one and only night view critic and consultant.

A panoramic view of the “Time Travel Zone” lighting up the inner racecourse, taken from the 5th floor of the Oi Racecourse L-WING.

The illumination event consists of two parts - the “Time Travel Zone” , which depicts Tokyo’s past, and the “Entrance Zone”, which illustrates both the present and future of Tokyo.

The “Time Travel Zone” makes use of the inner race track, with three displays allotted for the Edo period, two for Meiji, and one each for the Taisho and Showa periods.

Another area you can check out is the Luck Lane, which features interesting and mysterious lighting effects. It serves as a time travel-themed underground tunnel and is more popularly called the “TOKYO TIME TUNNEL”.

Going through the dark TOKYO TIME TUNNEL, accompanied by the ticking sounds of an old clock, will make you feel like you’re actually travelling through time.  

On the other side of the tunnel is the Edo period display. It is an idyllic scene combined with the most colorful sets of lights from the “Edo Gokusaitanada
(Edo multi-colored terraces)”.

This is the view from the observation deck overlooking the “Edo Gokusaitanada”. The illumination transforms the Japanese local scene into a breathtaking scenery.

At the end of the central passage, an observatory-like structure is located, and you can enjoy the scenery of “THE GENFUKEI”, an exhibit showing the typical scenery and way of life during the Edo period as well as the rice terraces.


On the other hand, you can also check out a replica of the National Industrial Exposition at the “Meiji Akarino Hakurankai”. This area serves as a retro photo spot where guests can ride the horse carriage display and have their pictures taken.

The National Industrial Exposition, which marked the spread of modern electronic technology in Japan, is replicated in the “Meiji Akarino Hakurankai”.

Another feature is the “Taisho Roman Light Garden”, where the trends and atmosphere during the early 1900’s are recreated. The center of attraction here is the soft lighting of the LED bulbs, which perfectly mimics the Taisho roman color. In order to achieve the desired nostalgic lighting effect, each LED was covered. This part of the illumination had been researched on and developed for more than a year.

The most meticulous part of the TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION in terms of production is the “Taisho Roman Light Garden.” In this area, stained glass-like pieces in different sizes are added to the vibrancy of the theme.

The last section of the time travel-esque exhibition is the “Showa Tadaima Yokocho.” There, the cityscape during the Showa period is reproduced with retro light fixtures and wall displays. Names of the famous winning horses are also used on the store signboards, which may appeal to the horse race fanatics.

In “Showa Tadaima Yokocho,” the names of horses with successive wins are used in the signboards.

The TOKYO TWINKLE MAP (Entrance Zone) offers a twist to the common and traditional light shows in Japan. It features a map of Tokyo, wherein major areas of the city appear once the night view display on the floor is touched.

Combining the latest technology and production techniques, TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION offers a new way of enjoying a night in Tokyo. Experience a short trip to the past, present, and future at the Oi Racecourse.

Provided by Japan Walker™, WalkerPlus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (4 October 2018)

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