The Atsumi Peninsula Restaurant Bus Offers a Culinary Adventure Like No Other

Enjoy delicious meals, stunning views, and more!

Atsumi Peninsula Restaurant Bus
Contact: +81-53-254-5691 (Toyotetsu Tourism Service, Emoa Travel Center)
The departure and arrival place will be at Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi and 1-55, Toyohashi Eki-mae Odori, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture.
Note that each tour has a different time and fee, 6 courses ranging from ¥9,800 to ¥15,980

Atsumi Peninsula Restaurant Bus is the first tour bus in the Tokai region that offers both transportation around the Atsumi Peninsula and a pleasant dining experience. The bus service will be available from Thursdays to Sundays, starting from February 1 until March 31, 2019. You can make prior reservations via telephone or online.

Get a taste of the local fare while riding a moving bus.

The open-top bus consists of a first deck, where the chefs cook, and a second deck, where the customers can enjoy eating gourmet dishes.

Watch the changing scenery while savoring the delicious food on the second deck.

Part of the experience of riding the bus is getting the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery, such as the blue seas and the fields of flowers unique to the Tokai region.

In addition to this, the dishes served during the trip play a big role in the tour. They are specially prepared by
Mr. Takeshi Imazato, the head chef of Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi. Despite not using expensive ingredients, Chef Imazato still manages to cook delicious French dishes with locally sourced ingredients.

Inside the bus, they prepare six kinds of courses, one of which is the
Atsumi Peninsula and Mikawa Bay Course (¥15,980). In this course, the bus visits a cabbage field and the Fukue fishing port as you enjoy your meal.

Irago Market has more than 100 kinds of fish and shellfish to choose from. You can have your fish freshly cut on the spot during the Atsumi Peninsula and Mikawa Bay Course.

The sunset view offered by Cape Irago is simply breathtaking.

In this ultimate gourmet tour, the chefs promise their customers a unique dining experience that’s set to bring out the best of every ingredient in each dish that they order.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokai Walker™ (13 December 2018)

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