There’s Now a Snoopy-Themed Hotel in Japan

Expect to see several of your favorite PEANUTS characters throughout the hotel.

1-22-26, Naka-yamate Dori, Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo
Contact: +81-78-200-5848
Check-in time is at 3 p.m. while check-out time is at 11 a.m.

, Japan’s first-ever Snoopy-themed hotel, just opened in Kobe City last August 1. The hotel’s entire concept is based on Snoopy’s line in the comic book, “IT'S NICE TO HAVE A HOME WHERE YOUR GUESTS FEEL COMFORTABLE.”

While the place was built to entertain Snoopy fans from all over the world, non-Snoopy fans will also find lots of reasons to enjoy their stay there. Expect to see several of your favorite PEANUTS characters in the hotel’s designs and interiors!

The hotel’s retro-modern facade matches the Western-style townscape of Kobe city.

Snoopy welcomes the guests at the entrance.

A popular café named
PEANUTS café Kobe is located on the first floor of the hotel. It serves hot dogs, cookies, and peanut butter milkshakes among others. Non-hotel guests are likewise welcome to dine in the café.

In addition to this, guests can purchase PEANUTS gift items like towels, aromas, glasses, and hats at the gift shop next to the café. The hotel’s gift shop has got a great selection of original items, too!

The plates, cups, and T-shirts are some of the unique items in the gift shop.

You can get this simple but cute Eco-tote bag for ¥1,500

What’s even more interesting about the hotel is that each floor has a different theme! There are 18 rooms in total throughout the fourth to sixth floors of the hotel.

The fourth floor’s theme is
IMAGINE, which features Mr. Schulz’s philosophy in life. The fifth floor’s theme is HAPPY, which illustrates the entertaining atmosphere of PEANUTS, while the sixth floor’s theme is LOVE, which highlights the love, friendship, and family love between the characters.

Cute Snoopy stuffed toys decorate the room.

Unique PEANUTS figurines are arranged by the bed.

This room’s background features several Snoopys at the Yosemite National Park.

There’s a special guest room on the sixth floor with a terrace area. The terrace holds multiple plants arranged by the famous plant hunter, Mr. Nishihata.

The special room gives off a homey feel.

The terrace is really beautiful!

Each of the hotel rooms is equipped with tablets that guests can use to browse through details about the hotel, tourist information about Kobe City, and PEANUTS animated videos.


The drinking water, tea, and utensils are PEANUTS Hotel’s exclusive goods.

Even the shampoo and conditioner bottles have Snoopy drawn on them! Guests can opt to bring the complementary towels home.

On the third floor, you can enjoy local cuisine dishes at 

The diner has a lunch course where guests may choose their favorite pizza.

Check out the hotel’s official website for details and reservations!

Provided by Kansai Walker™, Walker Japan™, and  Walkerplus™ (26 July 2018)

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