This Hotel in Tokyo Is Run By Robots

BRB, booking this unique accommodation!

Deciding on where to stay for any trip usually boils down to your preferred location and budget. But if neither of the two is a concern, and you want to experience something unique, then maybe this accommodation in the Maihama area is for you.

Growing in popularity is
Henn na Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay, which, when translated, means “weird hotel.” What makes it “weird?” This hotel happens to have robots as staff members. No wonder they keep getting reservations from people the world over!

Nine types of robots are scattered all over the hotel, ready to be of service to hotel guests and tourists. For starters, there’s a Velociraptor robot at the hotel front which can speak different languages, a Tyrannosaurus robot welcoming guests at the lobby, fish robot inside a fish tank, and a robot trash can.

Welcoming guests into their rooms are kawaii robots in the shape of an egg. All in all, total of 140 robots work for the hotel.

Apart from experiencing something innovative and one-of-a-kind, its convenient location makes it the perfect starting point for Tokyo sightseeing.

Provided by Tokyo Walker (May 2017)

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