Joining the Tokyo Marathon Will Take You Through Tokyo’s Famous Landmarks

It's a great way to see the city!


Tokyo Marathon is one of the largest events in Tokyo. The annual event, which started in 2007, garners applications from all over the world. Last March 3, an estimated 37,603 participants ran the course, which wasn’t just nearly identical to the Tokyo Olympics course set to be held in the summer of 2020, but also took the runners through some of the city’s major landmarks. 

While the route changes every year, it will always take you through some of the city’s best checkpoints. If you want to join the run next year, here’s a quick look at some of the stops from the recent marathon.

Starting point: Shinjuku

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. ©Tokyo Convention&Visitors Bureau

The 2019 Tokyo Marathon started from the Shinjuku area, right in front of the
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

5km point: Iidabashi

At this checkpoint, runners were given water for drinking.

10km point: Nihombashi

The 10-kilometer-mark was located in the Nihonbashi area. This point was the finish line for the 10k runners.

15km point: Asakusa

Kaminarimon Asakusa. ©Tokyo Convention&Visitors Bureau

At the 15-kilometer-mark, runners were welcomed by the
Kaminarimon, followed by the view of Tokyo Sky Tree.

Tokyo Sky Tree. ©Tokyo Convention&Visitors Bureau

20km point: Monzen-nakacho

Tomioka Hachiman Shrine. ©Tokyo Convention&Visitors Bureau

At the 20-kilometer-mark, runners headed back towards the Asakusa area back to Tokyo. Near this point is the
Tomioka Hachiman Shrine, a famous Shinto shrine in Tokyo.

25km point: Asakusa

Near the 25-kilometer-point, runners headed back to the center of Tokyo.

30km point: Ginza

Ginza area. ©Tokyo Convention&Visitors Bureau

, a famous shopping area in Tokyo, was the 30-kilometer-point of the route. Runners had to pass by Tokyo Tower as well.

Tokyo Tower. ©Tokyo Convention&Visitors Bureau

Finish Point: Tokyo

The finish line of the marathon was located in the Marunouchi area, in front of Tokyo Station.

To learn more, check out our on site spectator review of the Tokyo Marathon or go to the official website.

Tokyo marathon official website:

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