You Have to Experience Japan’s Tokyo Marathon At Least Once

Whether as a runner or a spectator.


Tokyo Marathon is one of the largest sports events in Tokyo. This year, there were over 35,000 participants from all over the world, along with thousands of spectators cheering the athletes on. If you decide to join or witness the Tokyo Marathon in the future, here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

Preparation is key.

Training for a full-length marathon is a given, but it’s not all about improving your speed or stamina—you need to be prepared for different kinds of weather, too. This year, it rained all throughout the race. Runners and spectators alike braved the tough conditions, making it an even sweeter victory for those who were able to finish the route.

Come early.

The event starts early because of the sheer scale of runners joining from all over the world. Although the event was set to start at 9 a.m., most runners came almost two hours earlier.


Be creative.

Running in the Tokyo Marathon is an experience in itself, but why not go the extra mile? Dress up for the occasion, or better yet, dress to impress. This year, many participants came in costume. Although they were battered by the tough weather conditions, which made it a harder run for them, they made it an entertaining experience for themselves and the spectators.


Let’s get loud.

If you’re coming as a spectator, bring your cheer game on. With the harsh conditions and the sheer difficulty of the course, the runners would definitely need all the encouragement they can get. Bring all the energy you can give. Many spectators brought instruments, flags, message cards to give the runners that extra boost of energy. Some even brought food such as chocolate bars or rice crackers.

Those who want to cheer their friends on can track them down with an app that checks on their progress. Know where they are so you can grab a spot to cheer them on as they go. One of our acquaintances was running in the race, and the app helped us determine where we could cheer him on.


What is the point of running if you don’t enjoy it? Organizers make it easier for participants to enjoy the run by staging performances at different points of the race. We witnessed traditional Taiko performances, Japanese folk dances, and cheer dances to name a few.




We had an opportunity to interview one of the runners. “I joined this marathon for three times in the past. I think the Tokyo Marathon is the number one marathon event in Japan because the city views are beautiful and the supporters are waiting for runners almost all along the way,” said Mr. Fumihiro Sasaki, a male runner from Japan.

“I was very exhausted in last 10 kilometers, but when I finished it, I felt a sense of great achievement and want to participate in this event again and again. This event is a must-try for [all] runners.”  

While not everyone was able to finish the run, seeing everyone—from the runners to the spectators—working hard to achieve a goal was truly inspiring. Whether you decide to run in the Tokyo Marathon next year or cheer people on, the experience is one you’re sure not to forget. Find out how you can participate in next year’s marathon when you visit their
official website.

Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (4 March 2019)

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