This Onsen Resort in Osaka Will Help You Lose Weight

It has a bouldering facility as well!

Yukainoyu Neyagawa Branch
32-22 Ikeda-Nakamachi, Neyagawa City, Osaka
Admission: Adults: ¥750 (Weekends, Holidays, and Special days: ¥850)

onsens have certainly evolved over the years. They don’t only provide relaxation and stress relief for tired travelers, but also health benefits and different healing properties.

Case in point: At
Yukainoyu Neyagawa Branch, you can find natural hot springs, various types of baths, and entertainment and fitness facilities that could help trim down your weight. Among the onsen’s highlights are the three-layered rotenburo (outdoor hot spring), the nekorobiyu (lay down bath), the book café, bouldering walls, and a fitness gym.

The resort also has five different bedrock baths that differ in terms of theme and Asian scent. The
Yakuso-bou is a room containing a good mix of moisture and herbs that especially helps you lose weight.

The spacious outdoor hot spring

The most popular bath in the facility is the outdoor hot spring. They also have a natural indoor hot springs that come in three different types: one having a temperature of 44 degrees Celsius, the other at 42 degrees Celsius, and a high density carbonated hot spring. There is also a jet stream bath that’s suitable for massaging your body.

The rock salt room

Complementary shoes are available for guests who want to try rock climbing at the bouldering facility. On the other hand, different types of equipment and workout machines can be found in the fitness area which is included in the facility’s admission fee.

Bouldering facility

The facility also has a comic book area containing 17,000 books that you can read for your own pleasure. Access to a member exclusive tablet PC rental is included in the admission fee as well.

Aside from this, the resort also has restaurants that will fill your appetite after the workout.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, Kansai Walker™ (22 January 2019)

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