We Found a Carbonated Hot Spring That Only Locals Know About

Leave your worries (and your clothes) behind.

Hot springs are great places to relax in. If you’re someone who likes to de-stress in this kind of environment, you’ll absolutely love the
Yunoki Jisho Carbonated Hot Spring in Japan.

Located in the Yamaguchi Prefecture, this is an onsen that only locals know about. Its water contains carbon dioxide, calcium, sodium, and sodium bicarbonate, among others.

It’s also known for its rich levels of carbonation. In fact, the fizzing bubbles in the water can wash away deep-seated dirt in the pores. In addition, the water here is safe to drink and is also a good pain reliever.

Surrounded by the serene and beautiful mountains of Chugoku area, this place is definitely worth the day trip.

To get here, take the SL Yamaguchi Series train line, which operates from Shinyamaguchi to Tsuwano station, which is just near the onsen.

At present, Yamaguchi is promoting its cuisine, onsen, culture, and tourism campaign called Yamaguchi Bakumatsu ISHIN Festival. The campaign, which will run until 2018, will mark the 150th year of the Meiji Restoration.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Tokyo Walker™ (March 2017)

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