This Outdoor Facility in Japan Lets You Experience a Different Kind of Camping

It's perfect for first-time campers!

Snow Peak Ochi Niyodogawa
4 Kataoka, Ochi, Takaoka District, Kochi Prefecture
Contact: +81-889-27-2622

Camping and outdoor activities are just as big in Japan as anywhere in the world. In fact, the famous outdoor goods brand,
Snow Peak, continues to manage reopened campsites after renovation and build new ones in the country’s Kochi Prefecture.

In this article, we introduce one of its camping grounds -- the
Snow Peak Ochi Niyodogawa Campfield -- where guests can admire and enjoy the seas, mountains, and rivers of Kochi Prefecture.

There’s no need to bring anything in the Snow Peak Ochi Niyodogawa Campfield.

This Snow Peak managed campsite opened in 2018.

The Snow Peak Ochi Niyodogawa Campfield opened in spring last year at Ochi, Takaoka District. There, campers can enjoy an unobstructed view of the beautiful, clear blue waters of the
Niyodo River.

The whole campsite is covered with grass. There are spaces allotted right next to your camping area where you can conveniently park your cars. The campsite can accommodate up to 40 groups of people: with 30 tent sites for up to eight people each, and 10 trailer houses called
JYUBAKO, which are good for two people each. The campsite faces the Niyodo River, whose calm and gentle flow makes it safe for children to play in.

For guests who don’t own any camping equipment, the place offers a beginner’s plan in which camping tools can be rented. There is also a Snow Peak branch at the venue if they prefer buying their own equipment.

Plenty of camping goods are stacked inside the shop.

Guests can enjoy the spacious camping area.

is a trailer house designed by the renowned architect Kengo Kuma. It is made entirely out of wood, with an interior made of hinoki (Japanese cypress). Inside the trailer house, you’ll find a double bed, a table, two chairs, and an air conditioner. This kind of lodging makes it very easy and comfortable for first-time campers.

Technically, the trailer house can accommodate two adults. However, for family use, an additional fee may be charged for up to two children (Note: Children three years old and below get to stay there for free). The houses are conveniently positioned beside the wooden deck along the Niyodo River, which allows guests to hold a barbecue party whenever they feel like it.

Since this type of lodging gets fully-booked fast, reservations should be done as soon as possible to secure a trailer house.


The comfortable JYUBAKO has a huge window where visitors can admire a view of the river.

Try your hand at grilling on the wooden deck by the river.

Aside from these features, various outdoor activities are also held at the campsite. This is the first time Snow Peak has offered a rafting course in one of their campsites. The course starts upstream the Niyodo River and ends near the wooden decks in front of the trailer houses.

The campsite has hot showers, life jackets, and rental shoes, so anyone from three years old and above can give the rafting course a try.

Rafting can be enjoyed throughout the year. The campsite’s busiest season is from spring to Golden Week.

Moreover, you can still enjoy your stay at the camping facility even if you come unprepared. Stoves are available for rent if you didn’t bring your own and fresh ingredients can be bought within the area.

Aside from the rafting gear, bicycles are also available for rent.

Fresh local ingredients are available for BBQ.

Last April, the
Snow Peak Kawanoeki Ochi (Miyanomae Center House) opened with seven JYUBAKO rooms. The new branch boasts of 1.5 million cosmos flowers blooming during autumn and a wide array of river sports. There are also stores that sell local products, souvenirs, and camping tools there. The campsite likewise has showers available not just for campers, but also for canoe tour participants.

Another branch called the
Snow Peak Tosashimizu Camp Field, which is adjacent to the scenic spot Tatsukushi Underwater Park, also opened after its renovation in Tosashimizu City last April. There, you can enjoy the Ashizuri Underwater Aquarium or ride glass boats and take in the beautiful view of the sea.

Kochi Prefecture’s
official website has many recommendations for activities and accommodations within the area. If you’re planning on going around the city, it’s best to get yourself a Ryoma Passport III. With this, you can avail of various discounts and freebies from almost 750 tourist attractions in the Kochi Prefecture.

If you collect enough number of stamps, you can upgrade your passport to a different color. From Stage 1 (blue) to Stage 5 (gold), each upgrade earns better prizes from the raffle draw. By acquiring membership status as Stage 4 (silver) & Stage 5 (gold) passport holders and being enrolled in the highest status “Hall of Fame,” you become eligible for a level-up prize!

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (16 April 2019)


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