Visit This Resort-Like Spa in Japan for the Ultimate Relaxing Experience

Don't forget to try the delicious gelato and chocolate at their cafe, too!

Laule’a Resort
3-2-43 Tomatsucho, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Contact: +816-4950-0265
How to get there: It’s a 15-minute walk from Hankyu Railway Mukonoso Station.

Laule’a Resort
is a spa facility with a resort-like ambience managed by Minamino Social Welfare Corporation. The olive green hot spring coming from a direct source 800 meters below ground is classified as an artificial medical treatment spring. Also called Laule’a Spring of Longevity, it consists of 6 different hot springs including a large, open-air bath and smaller, one-person baths made from clay. Indoor baths are divided by tatami-laid floors, which makes it safe for the elderly and young children. Aside from the interesting hot springs, there is also a cafe that sells authentic gelato and chocolates made by professional chocolatiers.

Relax in 100% natural hot spring and enjoy the view

Open-air bath and one-person baths surrounded by rustic landscaping have free-flowing pure hot spring, with no filtering done or additives included.

Open-air bath is around 42.1 degrees Celsius, a moderate temperature for leisurely bathing.

Luxuriously enjoy natural hot spring by yourself!

Soak in the quaint
Shigarakiyaki (type of pottery made in Shigaraki, Japan) bathtub and look up the sky.

This artificial carbonated spring is hot spring mixed with carbon dioxide gas with beautifying effects for the skin. It also aids in recovery from exhaustion. The temperature is not too high, so it’s easy to get in.

Lie down and rest on the tatami floors.

Non-slip, soft tatami floors surround the indoor baths. Even small children and the elderly can walk around freely. It’s also warm, so some customers actually take a break lying down because it’s just so comfortable.

Half-body bath also available in the steam sauna with mist

Spacious, all-around cafe perfect for having heavy meals, light drinking, or both

Laule’a Cafe
has a menu that caters to all age groups. Their authentic, meticulously crafted menu includes coffee made with home-roasted beans, and rice meals like Hawaiian loco-moco that can be enjoyed in the spacious dining area.

Tender meat with Japanese-style sauce is a perfect combination in the no. 1 menu,
Roast Beef Don (¥1,100)

Loco Moco Set (¥880) comes in large servings

Hamburger patty with tightly packed meat on a huge heap of rice with soup.

A coffee roasting machine is set up inside the cafe.

How long the beans are roasted depends on the sound the beans make when inside the machine. A rich, aromatic espresso costs ¥


The cafe’s dining area -- with almost 100 seats -- gives off a sense of openness with its high ceilings.

“Most customers come to the cafe after enjoying the hot springs, though they’re free to just rest or dine in the café without bathing if they want to. We aim to offer a healthy but also tasty menu, so coffee beans and cacao beans are all roasted and processed in the store. Menu items made with the season’s products are also available,” a staff member shares.

Healthy sweets that bring out the best in its ingredients

offers products that are good for the body made with recipes crafted by nationally certified nutritionists. They have gelato with rich, natural flavors, baked goods, and Bean to Bar chocolates that are made in-store from roasting cacao beans to packaging.

Italian Gelato (Large) 3 flavors (raspberry, milk, and mango in the photo) for ¥

Small sizes (1 flavor for
?300) and medium (2 flavors for ?400) sizes are also available. They have 30 flavors of gelato and pistachio and blood orange are the bestsellers among women. There are rare flavors such as papaya and watermelon, too.

Bonbon de chocolat (¥
50/piece) also comes in sets

There are a total of 7 chocolate flavors available, including matcha chocolate with black sesame and citron-flavored chocolate.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (21 February 2019)

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