This Park in Japan Is Perfect for Laid-Back Families

Take a stroll around the beautiful botanical garden.

Nagai Park
is a huge park in Japan that has a total area of more than 650,000 square meters. On the site, you’ll find various facilities such as the Yanmar Stadium Nagai -- local soccer team, Cerezo Osaka’s home stadium --, a botanical garden where you can admire seasonal flowers, and long runways where you can go for a walk or jog. The park is mostly visited and enjoyed by locals and tourists of all generations.

There are hammocks and wood benches perfect for relaxation.

When it gets warm, weeping cherry trees bloom in front of the HANDSOME bot GARDEN store.

There are four playgrounds in the park for children.

The jumbo slide at the South Children's playground is quite popular among the kids.

The rose garden in the botanical garden is filled with colorful roses.

Nagai Park is located at 1-1 Nagai Park, Higashi Sumiyoshi District, Osaka City and is open daily. You may contact them at +81-6-6694-9007 (Nagai Park) or +81-6-6696-7117 (Nagai Botanical Garden). It is a short walk from JR/Osaka Metro Nagai Station.

The park is not only made for relaxation, but for dining as well. A must-visit cafe there is the HANDSOME bot GARDEN, which specializes in American food and tea that’s made from high-grade tea leaves.

For people who want to admire the surrounding flowers and green landscape, there are a number of seats available in the middle of the botanical garden. You can either choose to stay at the terrace seats along the pond or table seats on the lawn area.

Mix BBQ Share Lunch (¥ 2,894) is an all-American plate with beef, pork, and chicken.

The Royal Milk Tea (¥ 648) is extracted from Sri Lankan tea leaves.

The Royal Milk Tea Soft Cream (¥378) is a thick soft-serve ice cream that’s also made with tea leaves.

Since it is a self-service cafe, you order at the counter inside the store.

HANDSOME bot GARDEN is open from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily except on Mondays. You may contact them at +81-6-7777-1779.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (4 May 2019)

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