10 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow for Gorgeous Japan Photos

Need some photo inspo? This list might help!

If there is one thing that every trip can’t go without these days, it’s those shots for the ‘gram. Whether it’s a selfie, a candid snap, or even landscape views, you know it’s all worth the click.

For some inspiration for your next trip to Japan, these ladies will show you how to up your IG game. Here are 10 Instagram accounts that you can follow for those #feedgoals of Japan.

Livi Bautista (@livibautistaa)

Livi is a Filipina photographer who shares her distinct and realistic still photos from her various ventures. See how her snaps would surely make you want to press that like button. You can even follow her Facebook page Little Feet for more.

Victoria (@victoriaillustration)

Victoria is currently living in Seoul, Korea, but her photos of her last Japan escape are still as fresh as ever. Embellished with green and blue tones, her feed gives you both the natural look and enigmatic and majestic spots of Japan.

Jeorge Peri Calimbayan (@jeorgeperi)

Peri doesn’t just take fashionable photos of her travels, she also shares shots of the breathtaking places she sees. Just look how pretty the field of flowers are below. One surely can’t help but capturing that view!

Shu (@shuutravels)

Shu sees herself as someone who takes too many photos but makes sure that her pastel-inspired feed is matched with each photograph. See how her entire ‘gram complements each photo and her Japan snaps leave you wanting for more.

Airich Macalintal (@airichmac)

Airich chooses to keep her feed simple, it’s inviting enough as you read those movie lines that she posts. She even displays her picturesque photos of Japan which are almost too beautiful to be true!

Aryanna (@aryannaepperson)

Aryanna is the vlogger who’ll give you those candid shots that you can’t ignore. She will even show you her great taste in choosing the right kind aesthetic for every post. Check how the pink tone matches her feed.

Alleah Kyelin Favis (@alleahkyelin)

Traveling to different places is one thing that Alleah loves the most, and she finds her #JaFUN trip as topping that list. Check how witty her butterbeer moments are at #OHsaka! It’ll make you want to get one of your own.

IG photo by Alleah

Sarah (@loulou_ginsarah)

Other than just loving tea and coffee,
Sarah takes nostalgic shots of Japan, its people, and even a piece of its culture. Look at her posts and you’ll see how she uses different tones in her feed but each photo has a touch of that Japanese culture you’ll need.


Jessica Chaw (@jessicachaw)

Jessica isn’t just your run-of-the-mill content creator. She doesn’t just go sightseeing, she nails that pose at the right moment, too. See how her post of Mt.Fuji will make you want to walk those 400 steps for that view.

Issa (@pressmanissa)

Issa’s ‘gram will make you see how she turns it into her own kind of art. The photos of her Japan trip will show you how to never be afraid to give your own touch to your photos, and that being yourself never goes out of style!

Feel that inspiration kicking in? Don’t forget to follow these accounts and your Japan trip will be worth the shot!

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