Don’t Forget to Check Out Kiyosumi Shirakawa the Next Time You’re in Tokyo

It's got lots of hidden gems and is a nice escape compared to the bustling area of the city.

Have you ever heard the Kiyosumi Shirakawa area of Tokyo? This is one residential area in the outskirts of Tokyo. It may not be as famous as Shibuya, Shinjuku, or Harajuku, but it is a nice place to visit if you are out for a relaxing walk or looking to escape the buzz of the city.

What is Kiyosumi Shirakawa?

Kiyosumi Shirakawa Shopping Street

Kiyosumi Shirakawa is one of the residential areas in Tokyo. It’s a convenient place to live in because there are supermarkets and shopping street here, complete with a restaurant, café, and a miscellaneous goods shop. There’s no need to go far to buy daily necessities.


Kiyosumi Shirakawa is located at Koto District, the eastern side of Tokyo. It is easy to access from downtown Tokyo. You can reach Kiyosumi Shirakawa via subway either through the Hanzomon line or Oedo line.

For those who want to experience exploring something new in Tokyo, this is a great place to check out. There are not only restaurants, miscellaneous shops, but also have contemporary art museums and the Kiyosumi park.

What is famous in Kiyosumi Shirakawa?

Fukudaso Cafe

Currently, Kiyosumi Shirakawa became famous for the coffee area because there is an American coffee shop has opened the first branch in this area. But apart from the coffee chain from the States, there are also many coffee shops in the area, which are famous for its coffee beans.

What can you do in the area?

Portmans Cafe

Brigela Kiyosumi Shirakawa Branch

Aside from the coffee, there are many stylish cafés where you can hang out and engage in some me time -- read a book, go online -- or have lunch with your friends or family. For those who are looking for some handmade things, you can look around here too for shops that carry delicately handcrafted items made by the Japanese locals.

Hope this will be helpful for those who want to explore something new in Tokyo. We’ll share more shops in this area in the future, so make sure to check it out.

Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (29 May 2019)

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